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  1. Hi, thanks for replying. When I say "clicking noise" its not like a mechanical click like you might hear on a mechanical keyboard. It's hard to describe but it was definitely making a strange noise. Its been fine for the past hour now. I'm not sure weather I should stop using the Mark V now as I'm having too much fun already :)
  2. Hi, I just received my WiFi Pineapple Mark V today. I successfully updated the firmware. I was about to plug the ethernet cable into the Mark V and then I started hearing clicking noises coming from the power adapter, and when I looked at the Mark V there is no lights on the Mark V and unplugging/replugging in the power adapter into the Mark V did nothing. Then the power adapter stopped making the noises and power came back to the Mark V, and after a few minutes it starts happening again? Sounds strange; Anyone else had similar issues? Should I stop using the power adapter incase it fries my Mark V? Any UK Mark V owners replaced the bundle power adapter with a UK only power adapter? The included battery pack, doesn't have a UK plug, can I use the bundle UK plug from the mains adapter? I guess I am lucky it didn't happen while I was updating the firmware :) Regards,
  3. Hackers was so good but so wrong at the same time. I think its great that Hollywood are starting to use more realistic scenes when filming hacking related scenes.
  4. Nice, thanks! No Backtrack or Kali Linux though :)
  5. Hi there, Its totally possible but I would not advise it myself. You can buy "Barebones Kits" but you will be limited to what you can put inside. I'm pretty sure there aren't any formal laptop motherboard form factor standards like in the PC world i.e ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ATX etc. The components going inside the laptop would have to be specific so that everything fits. Like I said at the top, its possible but thats the kind of thing Ben Heck and others would be doing, not the average joe. I hope that helps, Good luck.
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