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  1. Thanks for the advise. I was running the flash tool as admin, and i did verify that win p cap service was running, but 2 things dawned on me based on your post, Windows was treating that network as public and the firewall was enabled, i tried it w/o the firewall active, didn't work. i know Win7 can be fickle about programs making changes so i set the ip to and the flash worked. Thanks
  2. I got an alfa ap51 from a friend and for some dumb reason i hit the reset button on the bottom when i couldn't get in and now the web ui will not load. The LEDs for power and ethernet come on but not wifi (even though it is broadcasting the pineapple ssid) I can SSH to it over ethernet and wifi but can't get much further then that. I've followed Mr.Protocol's guide on how to flash the fw a few times to re-load the firmware with AP51 Flash GUI versions 1.0-42 & 1.0-42111 it get's to the point where the tool says my ip is (even though it's and the tool just sits there, I let it run over night for ~ 8 hours twice, one time each on 2 different computers. I downloaded the MK3 fw from Mr-Protocol dropbox link and from Sebkinne's forum post for 2.1.2. I tried to load an earlier version to see if that worked, no dice. Any advice is appreciated thx
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