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  1. i cant find a fake counter for the ducky and this code is for the teensy, anyway to alter the code to get it to work on the ducky? Tried using this but the payload wouldn't work for me. thanks in advance! void setup() { pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // declare LED as output delay(10000); } void loop(){ keyboard_modifier_keys = 0; if (counter <= 9999){ delay(8000); digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); delay(5500); digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); sprintf(pin, "%04d", fakecounter); //sending first digit Keyboard.press(pin[0]); delay(450); Keyboard.release(pin[0]); dela
  2. Do you think the Firmware Upgrade is worth it or The 2.4.0 version is fine?
  3. i have set the dip switches back. and hit continue and the wifi pineapple logo just flashes and red,blue,amber flashing too. when i reset it keeps throwing me on a loop it doesn't accept my pw. i cant get to the main screen with tile for infusions etc. just pw rest loop. Also, the dip switch diagram is a lil misleading as it shows the dip switches should all be set to down with numbers on top. is that correct or is it upside down?
  4. I have followed this tutorial, word by word, 20x over. I can get to the reset your password page sometimes. but when I set a PW it does nothing. It is like its not accepting the PW , it just take me through the same reset process of turning the radios off w/ dip switches. I have also followed this guys tut on how to unbrick. with no success. you can log into my machine if you want and and ill plug/unplug pwr on wifi pinnap. any help would be greatly appreciated Please Help.
  5. im looking for the same. I have the code for Teensy 3. but i cant seem to get the payload to work correctly on the rubber duck. These links list the codes used for the teensy 3 For EFI brute forcing and icould pin brute forcing.. Can someone PLEASE take a look at it and see if it need to be edited to work on the rubber ducky http://orvtech.com/en/howto/atacar-efi-pin-macbook-pro/#UPDATE http://orvtech.com/en/howto/ataque-fuerza-bruta-pin-icloud/
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