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  1. I asked around 5 days ago about wifi jammer, 1 month about code injection of wifi pineapple. No response. Any other mean to support instead of forum?
  2. I bought something from Hak5. Asking on the forum for support got long time response. What other way to do? Is product selling without support?
  3. Im new to pineapple. If so, when jammer works, client still connect to the spoof SSID and access Internet. Is that right?
  4. You can use konboot as USB to bypass, except that it require to reboot for BIOS injecting. Rebooting is not enough as it make user suspect.
  5. I'm a penetrater. I just bought Rubber Ducky. My situation I want to test is: the user ran out and his screen is locked. I need to unlock the PC without change his password (I dont know his password). Is it possible to use ducky for this purpose? Is yes, any guide to do it?
  6. I checked my pineapple bar, it does not show there. What happen? How to check?
  7. Any progress on this issue, I installed Ettercap but can't inject data. Any other mean for injection?
  8. I bought Mark IV month ago. How can I install on Mark IV?
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