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  1. Would you know how to create this script to have the delay between the numbers it's the issue for sure
  2. How can i modify this script to put a delay between each key stroke. so basically enter 0 delay 500ms enter 0 delay 500ms enter 0 delay 500ms enter 1 etc
  3. i modified the original android script so that there is only one enter and not two. I think to make this work it needs to have a pause between keystrokes its trying to type to fast I believe. Here is the modified script so that one enter is placed instead of two echo DELAY 5000 > android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt; echo {0000..9999} | xargs -n 1 echo STRING | sed '0~5 s/$/\nWAIT/g' | sed '0~1 s/$/\nDELAY 1000\nENTER/g' | sed 's/WAIT/DELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER/g' >> android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt I dont know what to change from here but what i believe would need to happen is lets say 500ms delay between keystrokes so for pin 0000 would need to be ENTER 0 DELAY 500ms ENTER 0 DELAY 500ms ENTER 0 DELAY 500ms ENTER and so on. Does anyone know how to write this script so we can give this a shot? Thanks
  4. I'm not sure what can be done on this I too would love help and don't know scripting enough. I'll keep playing around
  5. I too am looking for help on this, I just ordered a teensy 3.1 because its already supported. I wish i was smarter to be able to get the ducky to do this, I am new to the ducky, i love it i also just need some guidance. Maybe Darren has some insight would be awesome.
  6. ghost phisher is ok yea, what do you plan on using it for? If fake ap there is much better tools to use
  7. when I go to inspect the html i saved from hotmail it says this Microsoft account requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scripts are being blocked. To find out whether your browser supports JavaScript, or to allow scripts, see the browser's online help.
  8. Thanks man, I really appreciate all the replies, I appreciate the patience, I will take a look and keep trying, thanks so much
  9. I have saved the page offline, what should i be looking for to change to make this work, I can research more I am just wondering on what to look for, thank you
  10. This set issue is just kicking my but, i have failed at every attempt at trying to make this work lol, I looked up wget commands and ended up saving it as an offline page and got the same issue as saving it with the browser, nevertheless I have learned something new which is great. It seems like a javascript re-direct or something I dont know. Im for sure at a stand still at the moment. Thanks again for all the help and patience
  11. Thanks again for the reply, I will take a look at it and have a go. Ill do some research for wget and stripping pages, I am frustrated with myself for not knowing this stuff better. I appreciate the help from everyone.
  12. I understand wget just not spider pages, ill do some research since i am not sure on how to do any of that, I feel like a moron not knowing this stuff
  13. what exactly is wget to spider pages, I googled it and to my understanding its a web crawler? And direction to point me in would be great, thanks. I have tried to use the page offline and it looked good when saved as html only but when a complete page it looked didnt work, the html didnt log the information though
  14. Will do and I will report back, thanks for all the help and advice so far.
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