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  1. Yup if there was any directions on the basics on how Network Manager works that would help. It could be it's my configuration or I'm just confused about how it really works. If someone develops a module a little direction would be nice.
  2. Sure thing meet me at Starbucks, but I can't give you the address!
  3. I'm using a 32 gig USB drive and it was formated on Linux OS via the command line. It mounts fine under BackTrack but when I plug it into the Pineapple it's not seen. I tried looking under resources I don't see it there either. Looked under Status where it says USB 3G Modem: it's Blank Any ideas how to mount it? lsusb Output: Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 002: ID 154b:005b PNY fstab Configuration: config global automount option from_fstab 1 option anon_mount 1 config global autoswap option from_fstab 1 optio
  4. SURE This sounds GREAT! So where are the instructions on how it works? I've played with it for 2 days and got nothing. I'm giving up on guessing how it works! <<<<This module give the ability to manage all wifi interfaces (e.g. connect to hotspot), internet sharing, etc.>>>
  5. I used Linux USB Builder, I believe it's Windows FAT but not sure.
  6. My USB is not showing up either <<Is /dev/sda1 showing as mounted in the Resources tab?>> and it's not on the list here. Any ideas how to mount it? The USB light on the pineapple is ON, the USB is hot to the touch so it seems to be reading but not connecting. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. thesugarat WOW!! You're the MAN! <<Plug a cable from your router directly into the WAN/LAN port on the pineapple.>> this showed all the modules and I got to download 2 of them, then was told my pineapple was full. :(
  8. thesugaratNot to debate which marketing system works best, as I can show 100's of other products that get delivered out of the box with the latest configuration or has an auto update with no issues. That said, my post was a recommendation and my 2 cents. As far as your support, Thank you....I'm going to give it a shot <<Plug a cable from your router directly into the WAN/LAN port on the pineapple.>>
  9. dnsspoofing off? Not sure where to turn it off or how?
  10. I am connected to the internet and pineapple, see screens below however the Pineapple control center says I'm not.....I think it's at the server end that is not working. http://theworldofcode.com/img/Screen-connected.png http://theworldofcode.com/img/Screen-notConnected.png
  11. packeterror is RIGHT! My Recommendation: When you sell a new pineapple like mine, which I bought 2 days ago, you should have already installed 2.8.1 and all the modules. Now, I've wasted 2 days just getting 2.8.1 installed had to try 4 different computer systems, 3 operating systems, and had to get new cables for a laptop as well, I probably spent 12 hrs so far and I still can't get any modules installed. This purchase is not something I can recommend to anyone! The Control panel seems like it only works with one operating system Windows and nothing else! The links on your https://wifipineapp
  12. Where can I DOWNLOAD ? networkmanager 1.9 whistlemaster Network Manager
  13. It seems the cloud is not responding http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/?news that's probably why I can't download any modules
  14. OK I skinned the cat finally....On the Mac with Safari does not show any install status like the Pineapple flashing, I have Backtrack installed and tried it with Firefox and no go there same issue, I have Windows 7 and tried there and finally the installed worked and a progress Pineapple flashing showed up for the first time to let me know an install was happening and it finally got installed. Next I want to install the "Network Monitor or Manager" module but now I'm getting an error message again. How can I skin this cat again...I'm lost again :( Error connecting! Please make sure you have
  15. Since I'm getting an error connection via the CHECK FOR UPGRADES my only option I have is to do a manual file upload to the pineapple with the MD5 code but this seems to be stalling or not working at all. How long does the install normally take? My upgrade via the file upload seems to get stuck, where with the URL is only loading half way.
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