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  1. Huh, well I don't have the best luck with the Ducky so I'll just mess around with it. Nice post though!
  2. Now it creates a folder with the computers name but does not copy anything. Here is a screenshot of when the bat file is ran by itself.
  3. Seems like a great Payload. I tested it out and I found out that this version of the Run.exe does not work for me. It brings up a window asking me yes or no if I want to allow diskport to make changes. I plugged it into the other Run.exe code and everything ran fine. When the .bat is executed this is what happens.
  4. Yes the first one worked, Thank You! I have been tampering with it and I do have a question. What is the difference between STRING for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set myd=%d ENTER STRING %myd% ENTER STRING START Payload.exe and your code. Since you have to wait for the ducky to mount before you can run a payload anyways I don't see a difference. between running it straight from CMD rather than making a batch file. Also I don't see what invis.vbs does? I'd really love to learn!
  5. This is what happens when I run DuckyWait.bat, This pops up really fast but nothing else happens. When searching for wscript.exe nothing comes up invis.vbs does show up
  6. It still does not run the exe. I tried going into the drive manually in the cmd and running it and it runs fine. So I do not know why it's not working. Is there any trouble shooting I can do for you that would help narrow down the problem?
  7. The last posting of the code says last edited at 2:55 pm today. I tried it however and I get this in the cmd and the exit string does not get executed
  8. I posted the wrong picture, that was from before. This is the new one. Here is what happens when I run DuckyWait.bat (How did I get that batch file in the first place?) When the ducky mounts on my computer it mounts as (E) for the record.
  9. Here is what happens when the inject.bin is ran. It does this in cmd then exits out and the .exe never opens I do not understand how to run the batch file. Do I go to cmd to get to it?
  10. Okay I will start doing what you asked. And below the yellow smiley face and a little to the left is an image button. You need to upload your picture to a site like photobucket then use the link to the image and plug it in.
  11. Okay thank you for your help. I do have TwinDuck I have left my Ducky in for a while each time so I do not think that is the problem I am running on the same computer (Windows 7) I do not know C++, I know Java and Python. But I have been using the default notepad exe file located on all windows and another exe I found. (I can make a hello world exe file with C++ if you think that would help, it would just take an hour or so) The exe file is on the root (see picture) Text file is updated ***I do not know what the .inf file is so that is not on the root of the Ducky. That might be the problem Drive is renamed to DUCKY The inject.bin is on the root of the drive too. I will do troubleshooting and take screenshots here shortly if the .inf file is not the problem.
  12. It now runs all the way through the cmd prompt but neither .exe will run.
  13. I just tried the new code and it is still not working for me. I don't get the error any more but it will not run a notepad.exe renamed to HelloWorld like it did before or a HelloWorld.exe program. It does all that's in the picture but never runs the exit string for some reason and no program is run. If you need more details just ask, I don't see why it wouldn't be working for me.
  14. I wonder why the old code didn't have this problem but the new code does. I added STRING START %myd%\myEXE.exe in the old code but it did not work however it did not give me any errors like in the new code. Also why would a different output folder affect it if can not find the invis.vbs?
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