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  1. Thanks for the reply Seb, I thought that this is the case. I have a follow-up question, if Karma is activated, should you see the KARMA SSID as visible on the clients? Rakim
  2. Edited with spoiler tags, thanks..
  3. Hi Guys, I have read all of the relevant topics regarding Karma and I understand that some of the new OSes(mainly Android and IOS) no longer work, however I have not been able to connect any clients with the mk5 karma function. I have used 2.8.1 and mk4 previously and the situation was better than now and I bought the new hardware thinking that at least same level of performance is expected. I had karma turned on for several hours but no clients were succesfully connected, even when the karma log showed them as associated they never were reachable via ping/network. The only way anybody oculd connect to the PA was by directly connecting to the Karma SSID. Attached are the logs from pinneapple with my notes/explanations
  4. Guys Slovakia is still showing up as 130 bucks, please let me know when you fix this so I can buy one for me :)
  5. Heh, so I checked again and shipping is now available.. However: There is one shipping rate available for 82108, Slovakia. UPS Worldwide Expedited at $130.87 USD That's unfortunately way beyond reasonable..
  6. Yep better safe then sorry...I can see why you would be cautious with you operating from USA. Thanks for the quick response, as soon as it is available I am buying one for myself. :D
  7. Guys, why is there no shipping to more Eastern Europe countries? You can ship the pinneapple to Vienna,Austria but you cannot ship it to Bratislava, Slovakia? That's about 40 miles apart! I know Slovakia, Czech Republic and the rest of the former Eastern block countries do not have the best reputation however we are a part of European union, DHL and UPS operate here so I see no reason why it couldn't be shipped. The laws and regulations that apply should be the same. I wanted to order the mark IV through hakshop to support you, even if it was more expensive then the regular alfa ap121u's but I was unable to do so.. I am happy Darren is trying provide a way to ship pineapples from UK but it would be really nice if at least the EU nations would be included as a possibility for overseas shipping.
  8. What exact details do you guys need? I will provide them to you once I get back home. Thanks, Rakim
  9. 3.0.0 for the win

  10. In case somebody finds this topic: Make sure there is no power leaking from the USB hub back to the pineapple as this can cause a lot of stability issues. To test this, plug in the (powered) usb hub into unpowered pinneaple, if it turns on you need to cut the red wire feeding the power from usb hub back to pineapple
  11. 2.8.1 resolved these issues, if you are still experiencing issues go ahead and upgrade!! Thanks for the support guys :)
  12. Yep, same for me.. 2.8.1 solved the issues
  13. Hi, I am having the same issues with karma, both on 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 I am able to connect Windows PC via karma, but my android phone (4.2.2) does not pickup any of the spoofed networks.. It tries to connect but from what it looks it doesn't receive Ip address/drops the connection. Thanks, Rakim
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