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  1. Do you guys know if sslstrip2 and dns2proxy will work?
  2. Yes the victim did visit facebook but i had logged off prior to SSLStrip. Is there any way around HSTS?
  3. Hey guys, SSLStrip is not working and I cant find any existing threads to troubleshoot this issue. I've tried installing on SSLStrip on the USB & Internal, Rebooting the wifi pineapple but these didnt help. I tried different settings within SSLStrip GUI - turning on Verbose, turning on Auto Refresh but still no luck. The workstation is definitely connected to the pineapple because DNSSpoof Random Roll works. When I navigate to facebook.com on the victim's workstation the URL still says 'https://facebook.com/?_rdr' Version: Wifi Pineapple Firmware version: 2.8.1 Sslstrip v2.9 Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  4. Hi, How do I get Tcpdump and SSLstrip to work? I can't seem to find any guides in regards to these two modules. I've installed both modules on my Pineapple, By the way their installed on my USB. Kind regards, infektiv
  5. That is true, v2.7.3 is much better! I loaded/downloaded all the modules with no problem :) thanks for help!
  6. Thanks for the instructions. I was just wondering is v2.7.3 okay? I have that installed or should i down grade it back to version 2.7.0?
  7. Hi, I am following the guide "How-to: Enable Usb Mass Storage With Swap Partition" posted by Darren. However, when i try to click "update fstab" I get the error message: Warning: fopen(/etc/config/fstab) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No space left on device in /pineapple/pages/usb.php on line 6 Could not open file! Pineapple Bar isn't responding, When i try to remove modules it doesn't work. I re-partitioned the usb but still didn't work. Would i have to reinstall Mk4 firmware v2.7.0? If this is the case could some please link me a guide to Rest the pineapple then install the firmware? Regards, infektiv
  8. I tried a different usb and it worked fine......"Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32gb" is retarded. Thanks for the help!
  9. Can intrusion detection systems pick up deauths from aircrack-ng? Or does admin have to monitor packets on wireshark?
  10. Yep your right, It worked thanks. However, now i'm in another dilemma, when i try to install things from "Pineapple Bar" onto the USB it displays "md5 mismatch".
  11. hmmm I tried but GParted won't even detect the USB. Oh well I just bought the 4gb sandisk from Ebay hopefully that one will work lol
  12. Hi Durk182, Would this one work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/SanDisk-Cruzer-FIT-CZ33-4GB-4G-USB-Flash-Nano-Drive-Netbook-Memory-Disk-Black-/150679632876?pt=US_USB_Flash_Drives&hash=item231534bbec
  13. Hi, I am having issues with getting my usb to work on my pineapple. I am trying to set up my Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32gb. I have been referring to the guide posted by Darren "How-to: Enable Usb Mass storage with swap partition". When I plug in my Sandisk Cruzer, Ubuntu's Disk Utility is able to pick up this usb. However, Ubuntu is not allowing me to proceed with any of the options "Delete Partition" or "Format Drive". The error message says "Not Authorized". I'm trying to delete the existing partition(SANDISK 34GB FAT) but it won't allow me. Is this some sort of permission issue? Do I need to run as administrator? If so please advise how to. I have attached images of the disk partition & error message. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Kind regards, infektiv
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