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  1. is usbrubberducky.com gone like for good
  2. it is a cool idea tho is it not i mean put that with konboot and sit and you got your self one hell of a hack
  3. well i dont have a pinapple pineapple but i do have a rubber ducky so can you guys give me a example of a ducky script for it
  4. that is close to something that i made but it is called a hack pack its a old game boy bag thee ones that go over your shoulder and i have some tech stuff in there like some live cd like konboot and ophcrack xp and vista and i have backtrack5 r3 on a disk as well but you should have more then just what that in there i always think that it is better to be prepared then to look for convenience
  5. so dose any one here think that it is possible to bring the rick role from the pineapple and the fast typing of the duck and put them together so when a person trys to surf they will always see rick astley and hear his song
  6. ya it says r1 but mine is not a sliding tab i have looked for the hing but there is none and i tried pulling it out but the sd will not budge and i called and emailed hak5 but there has been no answer are they at some convention right now
  7. what are some of the cool things that you guys have done with the rubber ducky

  8. i am not really sure what revision i have a green broad but the part that holds in the sd is fixed to there are no hinges and if it is spring loaded it is broken when i got
  9. bring this back up how do you take out the sd card on the green board it came wih it all ready in????
  10. i thank you for this paper i got in trouble at my school for say that i was a hacker but when i tried to explain what i meant i got suspended from school all because they do not under stand the meaning of the word
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