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  1. Hi, i have been following the show for more than four years and have pretty much gone though all the esisodes. I Love it. I have bumped into a small yet irritating problem and as we all know google has the answer to everything. I tried googling, I didn't find any specific answer. I have tried using WIFIslax and have gone through the SLAX a little bit. THE PROBLEM is the installed language SPANISH. I don't speak or understand spanish and tried different ways to solve it. As many you know the WIFIslax version 4.2 Final is out. All the updates are lovely except one... theres no option to boot it in english. So I tried something. I copied the "009-english.xzm" from the WIFIslax 4.1 ISO and put it in the base folder... My trick did work out. I got English menu and interface, but certain menus and programs has not changed. I am not concerned with the menu items but airoscript-ng and other Wifi auditing program is still speaking spanish. It might not be of any importance to people who understand Espanol but it BIG for us, who does not understand a word of it. It is painfull during a Audit. And i am clueless about how to solve this. I understand that a lot of Linux Gurus including Darren are meditating over here, perhaps to them it is not such a big deal. I was hoping to find the answers over here... Can You please help me with this? Any way around? I appreciate you help...
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