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  1. I did and it is working great!! Thanks!!
  2. I don't think the deauth would work because the target PC is not expecting them. I would guess the target would just drop the packet. Plus, unless you know the mac of the target the best you could do is broadcast deauth for a network the target is not even on. I would think the trick above would work on a Android phone for the same reason it works on the Win7 box. However I do not have an Android phone to test with so I cant confirm this.
  3. SUCCESS... I was able to "wake up" the target pc by generating "fake" beacons. Here is my setup if others wish to test. Target PC is a win7 laptop. Removed all wireless networks and then created an open network called "test". Set encryption to open Selected "Connect automatically when this network is in range" Did NOT select "Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)" I then... Booted BT5 on attacking laptop and hooked up pineapple. Let set for several min... Win7 box did not connect and never sent a probe request. I then... Connected a ALFA AWUS036H to the
  4. Where you creating real APs? I am just talking about generating fake beacons...
  5. It would seem that an easy fix would be for Karma to have an option that would allow you to load in a list of popular open SSID's and then send two or three beacons for each SSID on the list. This might "wake up" the non-working devices since they are passively looking for known networks. One of you could test this by running airbase-ng with the SSID you used on the phone.... Start and then stop it... then see if the client will connect via Karma on the pineapple... Also could run mdk3 with the "b -f <SSID_List.txt>" Beacon Flood Mode switch.....
  6. I just run ettercap on the pineapple and dump everything to a pcap file.... cd /usb ettercap -Tq -i br-lan -w filename.pcap When done collecting open the file in NetworkMiner 1.4 Click on images tab... done PS Sometimes I just run driftnet on the host PC that the pineapple is connected to..
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