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  1. Is it possible to have sslstrip running with karma? Or is my Pineapple restarting just because of the way i set it up? I have sslstrip installed on my usb.
  2. On iphone Facebook works but youtube, bank apps, and bank websites dont work. Aslo is there a way to run sslstrip with karma without the Pineapple restarting or am i the only one with that problem ? lol
  3. I have run into the same thing, try changing the USB cord that came with the NHA, some of their USB cords are duds, mine was.. If it still does the same thing i have a question for you, how many AP's are you deauthing? Mine restarted when i did alot and i have about 14 AP's around me, but then again i didnt use a USB power hub. Right this minute im deauthing my one router and its been running for 30 min without a power hub. :D To Whistle Master: WM i have a question on the jammer? How do you use aireplay-ng to deauth the AP's? How do you get aireplay to switch to different channels so that it will deauth all AP's? And how do you feed aireplay all the MAC's from the ap file that is made by greping the scan file? If you dont want to say how im all cool with that but im really dying to know !
  4. I got reaver to work with the NHA with a shorter cord then what it came with. works great! :)
  5. Ahh ok, i did a 7 sec restart and all files that were already there where still there but i did it and the ssid and all that were reset, but the place that you type the stuff in for autossh was still typed in? If one deleted all the files in the pineapple, and reset it would they be restored back? lol dont worry i didnt do that, just wondering?
  6. I have changed my password b4 then do a reboot right after and works for me. I sometimes get a FOPEN thing on some of the feed back settings stuff, but the best bet for a restart on a router is a 30 30 30 reset or to re-flash it with the bin. Try the 30 30 30 first tho
  7. Ya it was from there, that's weird that it is a dud, but nether the less it works now XD thank you for the reply!:)
  8. Haha will do but fixed it like two min ago... i feel dumb but dont know how it did. i changed the usb cord from the pineapple to the card to a shorter one, works now. lol how and why, dont know..
  9. Ok so i dont know if its cause everything i touch doesnt work but im having problems with the pineapple and the NHA wifi card. I have tried programs with the two and both have resulted in not working, or shutting the NHA card down. I have tried airodump-ng on it and it worked like a charm, thats ok, goes into monitor mode ok as well. When reaver goes into play, once it changes the CH it comes out of monitor mode and shuts down.. I tried to see if i could connect to a network, so i tried to do so with iwconfig commands and iptables with udhcpc and it couldent find the card after everything was done and all i had to do was get a ip address from the router with udhcpc. so i tried to use the module networkmanager, and still not working, when i did iwconfig i had noticed that it didnt even associate with the router.. So can someone shed some light on this? Pleas..
  10. Im having a problem like that to.... But i dont think its his module, i tried to set up the NHA wifi card manually to a router with iwconfig and all that with udhcpc and it wouldn't associate at all, but may be cause it was WPA2? I dont know. But i thought his module would fix it, but didnt, i think its just the card itself on the Pineapple. If someone can shed some light i will be opening a new post on it.
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