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  1. Anyway to set this up to vpn back through tor or i2p?
  2. I have a Huawei E173s modem. It is reported as 12d1:1c0b (modem off) when running as a sdcard reader / USB masstorage. It is reported as 12d1:1c05 (modem on) when running as a 3g-modem. I've gotten it to work in both modes seperately. I.e. either usbstorage with swap, /usb etc. or as a 3g modem. What I'm wondering now is if it's possible to get it to work as both simultaneously? I'd like to use the sdcardslot for swap, /usb and at the same time use the 3g modem.
  3. Downloading from main site fails (403), and when I download from Dropbox, I get the MD5 hash: 505880D2B5BDE80AB62587778EFBA27A Is the MD5 posted correct or is the file on dropbox different? /Q
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