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  1. Thanks. IF you had said it should work, I would have ordered another Nano. Instead, I will get the Tetra, for when SIZE is not important, or I need 5GHz. Will future support showup as a app update on the Google Play Store? Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Has anyone had been able to get the Nano to work on the Pixel 2? I downloaded the latest Android app on the Pixel 2 XL and flashed the Nano with the latest firmware. I started the Android Pineapple app on the Pixel 2 XL, attached the Nano by a USB cable and enabled USB tethering, but I never get past "Waiting for connection". The Nano works attached to my laptop, so I don't think there is a issue with the nano. Has anyone had success with the Nano on a Pixel 2? Thank you for any input or suggestions.
  3. Thanks for the response. I will try your suggestions, and report back incase anyone else following. What I was trying was to go in the other direction... Not setting up a AP on my phone, just using it as a client.
  4. I can use my Nexus 6p while tethered to my Nano via my phones USB-C port. What I want to do is use my RALINK RT5370,to provide access to my Nexus 6p over WiFi from my Nano. I have my Nano powered with my Pineapple Juice 4000. I do not want to use a PHYSICAL connection between the nano and 6p. I Can't seem to FIGURE out what to do once i SSh to my nano. any suggestions & is there a way past the Nano trying to force a virtual tethered connection and instead allow a wifi connection. I am using Android MARSHMALLOW thanks for any help that you can provide
  5. If I get the Ralink USB WiFI RT5370 for my Nano, do I need to SSH and issue any command for the Nano to recognize and use the Ralink? What I would like to do if possible, is to access WiFi Pineapple Connector via a WiFi connection as opposed to having my cell phone physically to my Nano.
  6. When I plug my Nano into one of my Linux laptops, I have to run the wp6.sh script. Until I do the Nano will not load the bulletins from wifipineapple.com. I only have to do this on my Linux boxes. No problems when using my Android phones. Here is a link to the forum topic on wp6.sh https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37142-questions-about-wp6sh/
  7. I installed a SD in my Nano (pulled from my Pineapple 5) and all my issues with my Modules running and being able to download Dependencies was resolved. Seems like the Nano requires a SD card. It is not just for extra storage.
  8. I have been able to do about 50% of what I should with my Nano. In an effort make sure the initial setup or various additions to the firmware or other updates are not the cause of the problem, I have tried hard resets back to the original firmware. I have noticed that the setup videos for the Nano Linux setup have Splash Screens I do not get. Should I be seeing them? See Example.
  9. EDIT ----> NOTE I HAVE MY NANO WORKING :) .. Thanks for the input.. I was able to get it running under a Kali 2.0 VM ------------ Below no longer needed ------ I had not tried Linux on a VM yet, I just installed a VM and made some progress. I installed Parallels on my MacBook Pro 2013. This configuration of Linux is the first oe that seems to see the Nano I received the following output from lsusb and dmesg I have not had an opportunity to get the output of the above commands on my other devices. I can try those at another time. parallels@ubuntu:~$ lsusb Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0b95
  10. Great to hear that availability update. I will be ordering a Tetra once I get my notification they are again available for ordering.
  11. I have been unable to get any of my devices desktop Win 7 pro, laptops running Linux or cell phones running Android to recognize my Nano. The only device I have not yet tried is my MacBook Pro 2013. The videos examples showing how to configure the Nano show using two USB ports. I can only use a single USB port on my MacBook Pro. I do have a Pineapple Juice 4000 to provide power. Is it possible to setup and update the firmware on a MacBook Pro? I can install a VM if that helps. I have run out of ideas on how to get my Nano to be seen. When I power up my Nano the blue ligh lights for 1 second,
  12. Is this incoming shipment already spoken for or are there additional units to be made available once the shipment is processed?
  13. The Linux box does not see the Nano, nothing when I plug in the nano. The Linux box sees my cell phones my Pineapple Mark V and IV and well as anything else I plug in.
  14. I am having the same problem. My Nano power light comes on for a second goes out for a second, comes back on for 3 or 4 seconds and goes dark for good. I tried the reset fix by holding the reset button while plugging in the Nano. The light then stays on, never going through the blink light booting process. I originally expected to use this on my Nexus 6p phone [Google Project Fi]. I thought maybe USB to USB-C does not work on the Nano. I tried a Windows PC with no luck in getting the PC to recgonize the Nano. The Nano power light flashes once and goes dark. IS there something else I can try
  15. I did not find any reference to PoE on the Mark IV forum. I accidentally plugged Ethernet cable from a MacBook Pro Thunderbolt port to the PoE Ethernet connection on my Mark IV. Can doing this damage the Pineapple Mark IV or the Macbook Pro Thunderbolt connector? The Mark IV is only powered by a wall adapter. The PoE should be powering the Mark IV, eliminating the need for a battery pack or wall power adapter, correct [with a power injector]? There should not be power going to the Macbook Pro or the Pineapple as long as there is no power injector inline? I have a Mark V, but pulled my Mark
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