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  1. Hi Dez, Actually I wouldn't say WPA/WPA2 passwords are hard to crack. It all depends on the set password of course. I've cracked WPA2 passwords in 2 seconds on my server with GPU's. Just because the password was made up with a word and numbers. Of course I then used my own wordlist together with some own rules in cudahashcat. So sometimes it's not that hard, but sometimes you won't crack the password at all. Completely depends on the complexity of the set password. Soon enough my server will do 1mH/s so crunching through a big wordlist together with some good rules won't take much time. But still all it comes down to is if I'm smarter than the one who set the password :P When cracking clients wireless networks I create own wordlists based on data about that client, like scraping words from their website, different languages etc. /crashie
  2. I will arrange a "manual" that I put on the github later today. With the instructions. Not that complicated though. The first index.html file goes to the /pineapple folder. The image files goes to the /pineapple/img folder. The .css files goes to the /pineapple/css folder. The module.html file in the module/Dashboard folder in the zip goes to the /pineapple/modules/dashboard folder. You have to replace the old files with the new. And make sure you are on firmware 1.0.5. /crashie
  3. For anyone who want's my "NSA-style" themes you'll find them here now: https://github.com/crashieSWE/nanothemes Will upload any future themes there. Until we have a "theme module" in the NANO :P
  4. That's not an issue with the module but with the Nano itself. Sebkinne is working on a solution. Since if you try to download a file let's say 40MB through SFTP or SSH the same error occurs. But seb will solve it soon enough.
  5. I already have them :P Just not in this picture :P
  6. I've actually played around with it and yeah.. I might actually go for it :P My current changes :P
  7. You could always mod the CSS on your own :)
  8. Yeah, interesting at least :) Looking forward to have it fixed so I can download those big pcaps without a hassle :) I have faith in you.
  9. The issue is taken care of by sebkinne. He's looking into it since he could also reproduce the same issue. Probably solved soon enough.
  10. 1. Samsung S4 2. 5.0.1 3. Stock 4. No, not working on the S4 for some reason.. 5. Yes 6. Yes Other than that I'm running it with my Macbook Air and I also have a Alfa AWUS036NEH attached to it from time to time :P See my pic :)
  11. When you are in the webinterface go to Advanced, press the arrow down beside "USB" and choose Format SD Card. /crashie
  12. To add to the issue, I've now tried four different microSD-cards. And the same issue with all of them. Are all SD-cards faulty or is it the NANO who's acting up? Can write to the SD on the NANO but the problem starts when reading a large file (downloading) from it through either the webinterface or sftp etc.
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