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  1. pstart SIW Mitek sysinfo Winupdateslist (nirsoft wul) HoverIP Xcleaner free autoruns process explorer
  2. Hi all, I like U3 but I am not impressed with the U3 launchpad program. Could anyone provide instructions on how to create an ISO that will set the USB drive to run pstart instead of the u3 launchpad when it is plugged in. Then any new program can be added without having to convert to the u3 launchpad format. Thanks, Sid.
  3. Hi all, Some of the earlier instructions mention using the Recovery console. Unfortunately the recovery console asks for the Administrator password which defeats the purpose of this hack. An NTFS4DOS boot disk as mentioned earlier would be the best thing to use. http://www.datapol.de/dpe/freeware/ Please note that Hiren's boot CD contains Warez! (as well as freeware) so be careful where you use it! A better option would be to use the ultimate boot cd or the UBCD4WIN version 3.0. http://www.ubcd4win.com/ Better yet how about a HAK.5 Bootcd then all of the utilities used for the Mods and hacks could be kept on the one CD. Maybe a new thread could be started for this.
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