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  1. Yes a walkthrough would be clutch
  2. I've noticed on my end I kept trying quickcreds on my account on windows 10 and it wasn't working so I then switched to my brother login. Tested it there and it worked great now the difference between the accounts are his is a local account mine uses my live account to login.
  3. I'm still having issues with this part old/new still getting the red solid led. I've tried with scripts under both switches, if I ssh in and look in the pentest directory it will have the tools_to_install directory so it's not copying what's in the folder to pentest it's copying the whole folder. Please let me know if maybe I'm doing something wrong Thanks
  4. Available on store now, Ordered mine!
  5. how do i go about installing MaxDamage's Solution on my kingston data traveler 1gb as i only see a sandisk version (with U3) is it something thats able to be done or do i have to use Amish's Solution
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