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  1. Like GermanNoob I'm trying to "watch" the loot directory for completion from BB/payload.txt (to change LED status, etc.) and am not coming up with anything that works... Got curious about this again after Darren mentioned better LED status' in ep. 2305 and I looked at his RDP Checker payload. Then I ended up here after noticing that /root/udisk/loot/ wasn't being checked as expected and, obviously in hindsight, ejecting the BB (using roughly same PowerShell that GermanNoob mentioned) makes cmd.exe angry and throws an error dialog box which makes it not so silent any more! Hoping someone
  2. not to be redundant or whiny but just for a different perspective... I'm running BitDefender9 and it caught three immediately upon inserting the device: mailpv, pspv, mspass (using MADs version) and obviously just two: pspv and mspass with Silivs version (since there is no mailpv). dunno if this helps or was pointless but i sure hope people keep working on this props to all the people who can do this kind of stuff me = noob so hello to everyone too
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