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  1. After reading countless, useless, guides and several failed attempts I have only just my Fon+ working - thanks to this excellent Mind Map! I've actually just finished writing a noob friendly guide to setting up the Jasager on Backtrack 4 Final. I have drawn substantially from this pdf (which I found on Google), and of course given due credit. I cannot recommend this Mind Map enough, thanks Robin and Andrew.
  2. UPDATE: The instructions below will permit you to use the Fon+ in Windows. Alternatively, fire up a copy of Bactrack 4 Final and follow my noob friendly guide to internet connection sharing and sslstrip! To enable internet connection sharing in Windows XP you will probably need to set the Fon+ to DHCP. To do so you will need to install the webif interface. Do not do this if you want to follow my Backtrack guide! xenomorph150 has already detailed how to add webif in his excellent guide. SSH over to your Fon+ using Putty and enter the following when you see OpenWrt: Check out xenomorph150's guide for more information, I can't recommend it enough!
  3. I'm in the UK; the wife bought me a Fon+ from the Fon shop for Christmas! I have finally flashed it with Jasager, but because the UK Fon+ is listening on it can't be hacked over Ethernet or Wireless without building a usb to serial cable first :(. I just posted a guide to unlocking the UK Fon+. After you've made the cable (just follow DigiNinja's guide) it's actually super easy to flash the Fon+ thanks to the firmware package DigiNinja has put together. Hope that helps. Happy new year Sprouty!
  4. This is my attempt at a noob friendly guide to flashing your Fon+ with Jasager in Windows XP (this is also my first post). I have amalgamated aspects of DigiNinja's and Darren's guides to solve the problem of flashing the awkward UK Fon+ (check the model number FON2201C-UK); although following this guide should flash Fon+'s from around the world. If you get stuck at any point I would recommend reading Darren's Hak5 step-by-step forum post (excellent show guys) or DigiNinja's guide to installing Jasager. So here goes... USB to Serial Cable As you probably know the IP on the UK Fon+ is set to and therefore can only be flashed using a serial cable. Bad times :( . There is an excellent guide on fashioning your own cable posted by DigiNinja on his website. I bought a Kycera cable from eBay and soldered the connections to single pin computer cables from Maplins, much easier than I thought. Connect to RedBoot Now you need to connect to your Fon+ through Putty to something called RedBoot onboard the Fon+. First you need to find the COM Windows XP assigns. Right-click on 'My Computer' and choose 'Manage'. Navigate to 'Device Manager' click on 'Ports (COM & LPT)', you should see your cable and the COM port it has been assigned.. Open Putty and ensure that your 'Serial' settings are set to 9600, 8 and 1. Be sure to set 'Flow Control' to 'None'! Click 'Open'. Insert the power to your Fon+ and immediately press Ctrl + c to interrupt the device startup. You will notice that the IP for the device is set to Not for long. Change the Fon+ IP To change the IP enter the following into the RedBoot session you just opened, you will need to input anything in bold (<Return> means press the enter key): RedBoot> fconfig Run script at boot: true <Return> Boot script: Enter script, terminate with empty line >> <Return> >> Boot script timeout (1000ms resolution): 2 <Return> Use BOOTP for network configuration: false <Return> Gateway IP address: <Return> Local IP address: Local IP address mask: Default server IP address: Console baud rate: 9600 <Return> GDB connection port: 9000 <Return> Force console for special debug messages: false <Return> Network debug at boot time: false <Return> Update RedBoot non-volatile configuration - continue (y/n)? y ... Erase from 0xa87e0000-0xa87f0000: . ... Program from 0x80ff0000-0x81000000 at 0xa87e0000: . RedBoot> reset Now power off the Fon+. Connect Ethernet between your computer and the Fon+. Flash UK Fon+ with Jasager Firmware Download the 'Jasager Firmware 1.0' from DigiNinja. Extract the .tar from the .bz2 file using 7-zip; then extract the resulting .squashfs and .lzma files from the .tar - again using 7-zip. Now we are going to use Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash (I downloaded ap51-flash-gui-1.0-42.exe) which make flashing the Fon+ super simple. In the GUI under 'Rootfs' check 'Use external file' and browse to 'openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs' you just extracted. Under 'Kernel' check 'Use external file' and browse to 'openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma'. Select your Ethernet interface from the 'Interface' drop-down. Power on the Fon+ and immediately click 'Go' in EasyFlash. The flashing process takes almost 20 minutes. Image from Darren's post. Set Your Password in Telnet Using Putty select Telnet and Telnet over to type passwd and set your password twice; I recommend ilovepineapples! Jasager Go to your favourite browser and enter Enter root as the user and your password in the password field. Well done, you successfully flashed your UK Fon+ ! EDIT: I compiled my 'how to' after 12 hours of experimentation with several methods; if I have missed any steps or made a mistake please reply to this thread and I will make adjustments accordingly. Thanks.
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