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  1. My name is Nick aka nick Favorite game: NFS Favorite OS: none really....HP-UX Favorite console: xbox Nationality: American Accent: n/a Sex: Male Age:38 Race: White Height: 5'11" Status: Single Build: Big Boy Favorite band: Beastie Boys Favorite book: Masters of Deception by Michelle Slatalla Favorite author: n/a Favorite movie: Deuce Bigalow Favorite director: John Woo Favorite TV Show: Burn Notice Favorite actor: Christopher Walken Favorite actress: Elizabeth Hurley Favorite Pinup: Jayne Mansfield Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams Other hobbies: Basketball, Racquetball Car: Mercedes E55 (i wish) Occupation: Consultant
  2. If you like the RH distro, I'd go with CentOS. I like their concept, not sure why it hasn't been mentioned. I'm new to this site, so I haven't read much through the forums yet.
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