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  1. Agreed... not looking for a carbon copy (though hear that's possible somehow (less DB info obviously)) but I haven't tried this in ages.. but know from using MS FrontPage one could save in "layers" - but that was before the days of js and jq and dojo etc... so maybe I'm hoping for too much here.... All I really want is some info about what "they" are using and their "sources" - And really is no different than someone using "properties" or "page inspector" and seeing the file structure and file names etc..... Just looking for a mac pgm that will "save" that stuff in proper order... (like the windoze version in the link provided above).. Cheers, B
  2. Check your PM... will try FF again.. but no, only the main page.... :(
  3. Oh soooooo close.. but that just saves the current page HTML... but nice try :) :) :) Am looking something (like the link posted before) or (gawd forbid) like OLD MS FRONTPAGE where you could set "levels" like 20 deep, and would scoop up all the links and coding... MmmmmK? "Profit" Luv it!!!!!!!! Awesome! B
  4. Thanks Dr0P... will give FF3 another go.. Am using Scrapbook at the moment, and it can't handle .DO for Java files :( so - seems I might be SOL... Hey, are you gonna wait on the DELL?- Despite the contrary views, I worked for them in Austin... and really (outside of their desktops) - it's not your best option IMHO... but- it's your mula!! :) I didn't see the other replies till just tonight... And yeah, Sony SUPPORT used to suck, but now, it's based in NYC and SF and are the aces - vs. BFE India with Dell - but seems you're light years beyond needing that - so maybe it doesn't matter - Either way - thanks for the tip - and will try it now :-) Cheers, B
  5. PS: I run a web-hosting company... and am looking for a Twitter API (type) programmer... (this ties into my Q and wanting to snag some "code") so it is relevant.. in a way LOL :) If ANYone out there is interested in helping me design a site based on Zend and Flat File storage (beyond Apache) we are willing to offer 10 YEARS of UNLIMITED HOSTING for TEN (10) accounts, no restrictions - in exchange for your your "help"... That is $36,000 worth of Hosting and is based on 1&1 Servers - so you know they'll be 100% reliable - and we offer both windows or Linux... You can see what you'd be getting here: http://streamline.net/web-hosting/bulk-hosting/ If interested, please PM me - and I'll pass along the details and lets see if we can't cut a deal... FWIW, this position is also posted on oDesk and Guru so TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!! - but would prefer to give it to "one of the gang" here at Hak5 as we are a community and friends... Thanks- B
  6. Thanks NullArray... I tried a couple of FF plugins, and none gave me the desired results... but never thought to look at Safari (I downloaded BlueCrab from Apple, but it keeps crashing on start) - so that was useless.. I've yet to try your solution - but will do so now, and see how "deep" it goes, as I'm after some "lines of code".. wink wink - nudge nudge... That said, the "product" I found that LOOKS like it does what I want... is here: http://www.web-site-downloader.com/entire/?pu=false but is windoze based.... But, your Safari solution could be just as comprehensive - so we'll see? Either way, I appreciate your response and advice... sincerely - NOTE TO MODS: I've tagged all my forum entries "You are currently receiving email notification of replies" yet I never get any emails saying peeps have responded... (and no, it's not in "spam") so something has gone south with your IP.Board set up.... may be worth looking into since you're paying for this board... Thanks to all! B
  7. Anyone know of a site copier or cloner that will allow me to read sites "offline" (as well as maybe see some code? ) LOL - but that will run on a Mac? I've searched around - and there's a ton of stuff both free and paid for Windoze...but nada for OS X... Any suggestions? Thanks!! B ;)
  8. Hi Vako - For some reason I missed your reply till just now... sorry... I really want to thank you for breaking this down for me! - Been doing allot more research since we started this convo - and most of the info I've found mirrors what you've shared here... so think I'm on the right path... so thanks again for all the help. One, err, two question areas have popped up though... I found this link that goes into allot of detail about streaming VLC - http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Str.../Easy_Streaming However, it says (or I think it says?) that the "streaming" bit on Linux/Mac has some limitations and seems a Windoze server would be a better fit... I was planning on running Ubunta... but now - seems I may have to make a WinMediaServer (?) - but need to research this more... Either way, it sounds like you've done this before (or maybe do it for Hak5?) - but thought you all had a Mac Server doing the deed? I dunno... As to the 2nd and last part.. Your assumption about me having a capture device would normally be correct.. but I've been holding off on that till I sorted out which O/S I was going to be using... as well as researching devices and which ones would suit this scenario best... Point being, no, I haven't bought one yet... But am definitely open to suggestions as that is my "missing link" at the moment... I've been looking at the Haupaugge stuff - but seems a bit over the top... Or is there any other device (go-between) that may work? My "topology" (for a lack of a better term) is to go from my TiVo DVR - to media server (via ???) protected by VPN out to "offshore server" - then pinged back.. and then out for broadcast (I know I skipped a few steps) but that is the 40,000 ft overview the way I see it... The tunneling bit is a bit confusing to me too... but will try to sort that as I build and install and test things.... Anyway - sorry for the ramblings... but wanted to thank you for the help (other boards have been dicks about it) as well as get your ideas on a solid capture device... Have a good weekend - B
  9. This is EXACTLY what I wish to do... So thanks for that... as you've confirmed that this is the route I wish to pursue now :) Now, how to do it in 6 days! LOL Had no idea VLC did all that - but have it, and use it allot - so will research that more... as well as SA "servers".. Hmmm - that's gonna take some work... What device would I place between my "source" and my server and the "foreign" server to get them all "talking"? I mean, I load my local with VPN of choice - set up a offshore server... ping it back... (again, not knowing VLC capabilities yet) - I guess I'm making a shopping list of sorts - and wanna make sure I have all this right. Lastly, on HakStalkers (or HakHouse for that matter) do you know what chat script they're running below the 2 screens? is it Open/GPL? As that is kinda the same set up I want in the end - but with just the one feed... Hey, I really appreciate all your help here! Been great! Cheers, Brent PS: Vako - let me add this, as I just went and looked at all the VLC stuff - that IS very impressive had no idea... and also think that answers my last question posed to you... so, as they say "never mind" LOL - That said though, per the attached diagram - I'm gonna set up a VLC server... I'm gonna run Unix... do you know how many horses that'll take as the "go-between"? I also see it only shows SAT and Antenna (terrestrial) input - not cable? is that a codec issue or something? - the rest seems pretty straight forward - but I like it!! :) Very cool man... very cool - thanks!
  10. I could write a book on this ... but will spare you... (or try) - But will share this much - I worked for Compaq (which was DEC before that), then HP, and Intel - But am curious why you're balking at the Intel chipset? Is this a Linux thing? Either way, given the nature of the economy and the state of "electronics", I question AMD's future (plus the i7 is suppose to be the ballz!) But the fact that you're setting out specifically to buy a laptop (vs. desktop) - I will toss my 2 cents in based on my experience as I've had prolly 20+ laptops in the past 10 years for work and pleasure... and while I'll probably piss off some people here, I can back everything I say with facts (and 1 class action lawsuit against HP/Compaq) - LOL Anyway - Price is not really gonna be your issue - For sub-$800 you'll be able to find something pretty decent.. As far as brands, I would only suggest 3... Sony, Toshiba and Apple MB/MBPro (way over $800 though) so that leaves Sony and Toshiba. Sony has great USA-based support, usually Blu-Ray equipped, plays well with PSP and TV add-ons, and the quality is aces... I've had 3 and just sold my 17" HDNA for the new MBPro 17" (which I'm running both Vista and Leopard on and LOVE it!) I'll never go back to a PC... ever... Toshiba is a rock - and will last a lifetime - Rugged (unlike Dell POS!) Dell desktops are "ok"... but their laptops suck... keys fall off - screens break etc etc etc - IBM/Lenevo are rugged too - but overpriced for what you get. The only drawback to Toshiba is that they made the HD-DVD drive and put them in all their units... so you're kinda stuck with that technology... Anyway - like I said, I could write a book on what sucks - AC adaptor on Compaq's/HP's ALWAYS break off -and you'll have to get a new motherboard to repair ($699!) - And since CompUSA went BK, there's really no local "service centers" for CPQ/HP anymore... Plus the little "rubber feet" fall off and they (HP) dumbed down the sound/speakers when they bought out CPQ... I've also heard that they are doing away with the CPQ line here soon... so if you have to pick between the 2 - take the HP even though it's lesser quality. The previous poster suggested Acer I think? (Don't have that post open right now) but only know them for their boards and desktops - but know the Hak5 gang speaks highly of their netbooks... so - might be worth looking at? - but I think if you put it next to a Sony - it's like comparing a VW to a Porsche - so make sure you look at the casing - keys / keyboard and screens... as that's where they cut corners. I buy allot from TigerDirect (like junk monitors and 1TB HDD as they have pretty good pricing) but saw they have some Acer's on sale as well as a Toshiba for $599 - The only complaint I've ever heard about Toshiba was their Wi-Fi setup... can be flaky at times.. but think they've ironed that out since N came out. Tiger laptop link: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Ca...N-_-cat_17-_-GS Good luck! B Yeah, this is a nice ride compared to any Dell http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...;Sku=T24-150064
  11. Thanks VaKo... I understand what you're saying - I'm just still trying to piece together how that may work (in reality)... I mean, it makes sense.... but not sure how well blasting a live feed to BFE Asia would do - then coming back - then back out to the net... plus 1000+ people hitting it... so - I have some logistical things to sort out and ponder. Excuse my ignorance, but the only VLC I'm familiar with is the video ripping tool for Mac... but suspect that's not what you were referring to - or were you? If so, not sure how I see that helping with this scenario - and yes, the "source" would be either cable or sat tv... I've been researching VPN for awhile now since Darren/Matt made mention of it on an older episode... But do you have one that you prefer? Is OpenVPN worth a flip? or can you suggest another? Many thanks! B
  12. Hey all - I read the "read me first" thing before asking my dumbass question - and am now prepared for the flames... But I am so not a video guy... and am seeking some guidance and advice here. OK, I have a site - and we "broadcast" things from time to time... but tie into various underground feeds, and basically just pass them along via a live embedding player... Last night, we had a HUGE event - and was a great draw... however, "the powers to be", have very deep pockets, and apparently very good "trackers", as they would shut down a feed within 5-10 mins of it being set up... These were all being uhmmm "how you say American?" - hosted I guess - on j u s t i n . t v... so there ya go.. now you know what's going on... Anyway - this kinda pissed off about 1500 of my "friends"... and so I'd "change channels", and add a new one... But as soon as I would add a new feed, they'd shut that one down (again, not ME being shut down, just the feed from the aforementioned source...) So I sat tonight wondering - How the hell could *I* best do this... without uhmmm how you say? Getting busted ... Since you guys obviously deal with video day in and day out - and on the interweb... thought I'd ask for some "rough ideas" how someone may be able to pull this off, without having to rely on a "uStream" or the likes - Actually, I have that part sorted already (I think LOL)... What I'm really asking is what equipment do I need to get my video source (aka TV/CBL/SAT) to MY server - and then out the the web LIVE? The second (and more important) part of that equation would then be - how BEST to "protect" my server from being traced and shut down.. esp since it resides in-house? I don't know if this matters or not, but this would only be "active" for 2 hours a week x 12 times a year... but am on a local "cable provider" and don't want to risk being shut off - or worse - a butt buddy in the local Pen! :( Anyone have any suggestions how best to pull this off? Feel free to PM me if all this is too ... whatever... you know what I mean. Thanks! B
  13. Thanks for the welcome... Been watching for about 6 months via my TiVo (need to mention this to others on the show!!)... and wish I'd found it sooner - Think Rev3 and H5 are the wave of the future as far as TV goes.... that is if someone doesn't get busted for the Pineapple first LOL - Last nights family guy was awesome! Cheers- B PS: How can I download a prev program from Rev3 (or H5) to save to my iPod? It gives the option to "download" but when I select that, it just pops a new window and starts playing (version) on there - Sorry for such a stupid/n00b Q - but would like to save one...
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