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  1. It has been like this ever since I've used PJ That was back in version 6 i believe. What I do is turn the volume off in itunes so you dont get annoying overlap of music.
  2. OK so I download and ran pandomax.com First off i want to say that they did some things that I would like to see implimented in pandora such as an installer and a taskbar icon. Ok those 2 things were basically the only good things about pandomax. It is a complete ripoff of the pandora that was created here. The jar files looks the same and instead of the jar having a blue background it is tan color. They say it has itunes intergration but wait, just like the current release you have to put the jacob file in the system folder; something they don't mention. Just like t3chn0b0y and shaft711 s
  3. I totally agree with MrDave2176 and t3chn0b0y with people putting viruses in the file from unknown sources. Anyway keep up the good work MrDave and everyone else putting time into this project!
  4. I am running beta 7.3 repack. This was package by a member on this board and I have not experience any type of problem as far as files being handled wrong. iTunes sync works like a charm that is how I know that the songs are being label correctly. The only thing that doesn't come in is the album covers. But as I've read here, that has something to do with last.FM. But if someone would like to maybe host the version that I am using just let me know.
  5. nanajeebus what version of are you using? It sounds like you are using an older version (below 7.3)? Find the latest and try that version
  6. In my jar log I noticed "unsupported action:version" sometimes appears. The program still rips ok, I was just wondering if anyone else has notice that? I am using beta.7.3_repack
  7. Great! Thanks for all your hard work! ...and the Backstage button works :D
  8. Yeah I am having the same problem with it ripping the wrong songs. The backstage button does nothing and syncing with itunes doesn't work as well.
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