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  1. Is there anyway to install the new version of flash on the psp or even changed the browser in the psp os? Or are you stuck with whatever is loaded into the firmware?
  2. I've noticed a lot of sys admin jobs have been getting shipped over sees, I'd suggest getting something in a data center. They haven't found a way to have an indian replace a drive, swap cables or hardboot a server...yet. Entry level is always a good place to start though it seems they still want some sort of experience/education. Network admin usually require your CCNA, Unix admin positions will pretty much ask you what you are familiar with and in my experience, get paid a bit more than window admins, and window admins get asked for a MCSE, though you can usually just BS your way into a JR p
  3. For those that missed the article on slashdot.org http://lasecwww.epfl.ch/keyboard/
  4. Be careful of the SecuROM that gets loaded on without prompting. it was a pain to get rid of, null reg entries and weird files tucked away in the appdata file.
  5. You can watch the destruction live at http://webcast.cern.ch/index2.html Switch gets flipped at midnight PST
  6. I think the PuTTy command sender is going to save me some time and the pocket putty will give me a bit of fun. Thanks for that link!
  7. I myself usually have close to 15 putty sessions open at one time at work and was tired of looking through them to find the environment I needed to be in. I went hunting around and found a bit of free software that is a tabbed client for PuTTY that you can get at http://puttycm.free.fr. It also allows you to store a database of your connection so you just double click and runs a log-in script. Also allows up to 5 lines of a macro to run after you log in (su - <password>) makes life a bit easier. Also has a .dll file that you drop in the install directory that will encrypt your databas
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