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  1. thanks for your help guys i think i am going to learn c# or c++ (hard choice) and then assembly (i already know some of the basics from q basic and free basic if you guys count that as programming it taught me the concepts though)
  2. i bought a tracfone today and will start researching for solution to add software and info about the os if anyone would like to help with this prodject my msn is Jamm.er@hotmail.com (now im off to google!) :D
  3. yea ive been ready up on it but im not sure on a lot of stuff i might look in to it in and see what can be done though. :)
  4. damn i am glad someone saw that i was starting to worry about you guys jk /hug :)
  5. I do not care what i am worth... but my friend here. (clicks link)
  6. Hey i was messing with a track phone and i got a sweet idea, what if you programmed or installed a new os like ms dos or something of that nature that would make the phone like an old computer and since its a track phone you could get it for about 10 dollars. I don't know anything about this but i think it would be a good idea, does anyone know if this is possible? ;)
  7. hey guys im pretty new to programming (if you cant tell by my sig lol) im just wondering if it would be worth the time to learn assembly or would it be better to invest the time and money in a different lang eg java, c# c++ any feed back would be appricated :D
  8. fish could you get back on this one i am interested in your story and wonder how this all turns out thanks :)
  9. i have always played wow on legit servers and private are looked down upon but if you dont have the money i think its ok :)
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