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PandoraRip Tutorial- More Detailed


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I found this the most user friendly way to install the program and getting it to work. I wrote this last night. Enjoy.

1st: download Mozille Firefox www.firefox.com

2nd: Download Adobe Shockwave

** If you have Adobe Shockwave and your not sure what version.. download http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashpl...lash_player.exe and run it**

>go to at www.oldversion.com and click search and click adobe shockwave

>scroll down and you will see Adobe Shockwave 8.00.205

>It is important you get version 8.x and not any newer ones.

>save the file and then run it.

>it will tell you to extract it- click "extract"

>Open the extracted folder "shockwave800_205" and click "Shockwave_Installer_Full"

3rd: go to http://www.geopacket.com/PandoraRip/

>Click the PandoraRip-1130.exe link

>click save file - and then run it

4th: when you run it- you open it by right clicking the PandoraRip icon next to the time on the bottom right of the screen and clicking "show main window"

>Click the "terms and service" tab

>Read the Terms and Services and then scroll down and click the box next to "I accept and agree to be bound by the above Terms of Service and EULA"

>After that click the "Settings" tab.

>Click the arrow under Internet Interface and click the one number it shows - 192.168.1.x and then check the box next to "Grab UnCached Tracks"

>You are now ready to click the "Rock On" bottom

5th: Open Firefox

>Type www.Pandora.com and let the music just play. The songs will be saved onto your desktop into a folder called PandoraRip


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When I run PandoraRip and then open Pandora in Firefox, all I get is "478 Scan(s) completed for 2 Temp Dir(s) 0 total tracks ripped :("

Am I doing something wrong? I followed all of the above steps exactly (with the exception of installing shockwave...the other post said it was using flash)

What else is there to do?

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