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Well, i've been trying to find something that's like Youtube and those other stuff presented out there.

i've been lucky to find osTube but it's for linux and doesnt work over windows, would any one know a system that's working over Windows!?

Ok, first of all:


Please try to write decent questions, it's kinda nice, every once in a while, to have a question you don't have to fill in gaps before you can understand it.

Second, I don't understand why you would want to create a video hosting website. Just use a "normal" CMS, and add videos you host on YouTube. You do understand that YouTube is losing millions, and it is by far the leader in this domain. So if Google can't make any profit, or elaborate a healthy business model, what makes you think you can?

Third, why Windows? Would you really want to host a website that's going to be hit by potentially hundreds on a Windows box? You're obviously not a hosting expert; I think it's not a risk that's worth it.

[off topic]

Fourth, I'm getting pissed at all these companies that release so called mature software, always with 3 different licences... "Community Edition", Enterprise and Corporate... I mean... Who the fuck started that, it's just ridiculous... Their documentation is non-existent, the website sucks [language isn't consistent, they still use mailto:, popups are borked], I wouldn't put my trust is them. EVER.

[/off topic]

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