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Wireless -> Wired Bridge


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I was wondering if anyone knew an easy way to bridge an open WiFi connection with a wired network. I'm trying to organize a LAN party, but I know that the vast majority of the computers that will be used there are going to be ethernet only. What I'd like to do is use a WRT54G (non-hacked) to bridge the internet connection from the WiFi, to the LAN.

Does the non-hacked firmware support this? If I can't do this with the Firmware, could I do it with a computer running Debian or Slackware? I've tried diddling around with iptables in the past, but with no success.

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Do you really need internet access at a lan party, surely all you really need is a gigabit switch and a bunch of tables and power plugs. If you really need internet access find $20 and buy a cheap router that supports OpenWRT or DD-WRT the older fon is cheap enough on ebay.

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Normally we work in Dial up Land, and do everything on the local LAN. But we were offered use of a meeting room at a local library, with a fatty pipe.

Working with Steam can be a pain to get to work on the LAN, and with internet access at least we can set steam into offline mode without having to wait half an hour for every computer to log in, set to offline, and launch the games.

I've got all of the hardware for running a Gig network for this, but if we can get the net working it'd be preferable.

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