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aireplay-ng/airodump with new ath5k


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Hi Haks !

I played a little bit around with the latest airodump-ng and aireplay-ng like shown in episode 3x06.

Can it be, that some things have changed ? This is, what I found out, but please correct this, if I am wrong.

1. The driver for Atheros wlancards is no more "madwifi". The newest driver is called "ath5k" (kernel 2.6.26 and higher)

2. The name of the device is no more "ath0", it is now "wlan0".

3. Setting in monitor mode (for channel 6) is

airodump-ng stop wlan0

airodump-ng start wlan0 6

4. This creates the new device "mon0"

5. airodump-ng requires nor the new device, for example

airodump-ng --bssid 00:1C:F0:00:E7:AD --channel 6 -w psk mon0

6. To aireplay-ng must now some things be added, otherwise it will not start. You have to add the attackmode (which is for mode "fakeauth" the number "-3") and the essid with "-e thevictims_essid". Last but not least, the device to listen to is no more "ath0" or "wlan0", it is (you guess it) "mon0".

It would be nice, if someone could verify this, as the kernel module "ath5k" is very, very new and not much tested for this kind.

For cracking WEP give "wesside-ng" atry, a new tool, which does everything for WEP in one command. This tool is part of the aircrack tools.

Happy hacking !


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thx for the update bro, ill have to look into it :)

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