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Pandora Could Be First Major Casualty of New Royalty Rates


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Pandora Could Be First Major Casualty of New Royalty Rates


My friends and I are avid users of pandora, as I'm positive most of the forum goers here are as well. Assuming this article is possibly right, is there anything we can do to help stop this from happening?

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yep this has been happening for a while.

this will just cause more piracy.

pandora is a good service as users were actually able to sample the entire song is a ok sound quality

I never buy music based on the 10-30 second sound clips that are compressed to the point of being worst than AM radio

I have bought music based on a sample before and got a song that was bland and repetitive and only had 1 good part which was what was in the sample.

if people cant sample the entire song then they wont buy the music, they will download it instead to sample the whole thing and at that point no way are they buying it even if it is good or not because of all the work they were put through

the riaa is trying to kill off all lesser known bands so people will be forced into going with the top 40 that they chose for us

would you buy pizza from a new pizza shot if they only allowed you to sample the oil used in the crust?

if not then why expect people to buy music if they only hear 1 element of it?

bands should fight to make a law that requires all bands to have a equal chance of having their music played on the radio.

with radio now, it is the same 30-40 songs over and over all year with the exception of if those top 40's make a new cd

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