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MSI Wind or Advent 4211


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Hey guys!

Been off Hak5 for a while, but i thought id come back :)

Anyhoo, Yesterday i got meself an Advent 4211, which is basically a rebadged MSI wind.

Let me tell you.. i love it.

Cost me £275 (just over $500)

And for that i get: a HUGE 10" widescreen, 80gb HDD(not SS like the Eee), 1024Mb DDR2 RAM... and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Processor.

It weighs in at a bit under 3lb's, and came standard with windows. The speakers are bit crap, but its not a media PC so it doesnt really matter!

this is my mess around laptop, i loaded it up with ubuntu, as almost everything works "out of the box" and the things that dont (suspend and the wifi) can be fixded.

I have a new wifi card on order, and opening the badboy up witll be a definate scary experience.

Oh and i just got some Hak5 stickers.. which no box is complete without!

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a wee note here...While installing ubuntu on it, i came across a nifty peice of software

Im not sure if its been featured, but ah well.

The Wind doesnt have a CD drive, and unetbootin downloaded from http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ was my answer :)

It mounted the ISO on the USB pendrive, and when i booted from there it workded like a dream!

It has the option of downloading the distro of your choice, or mounting an ISO you've previously downloaded.

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