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Vista-compatible 'non-full feature package' firewall


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Hi all,

I am looking for a software firewall that is compatible with Windows Vista.

My only requirements are that the firewall should be able to monitor applications internet access (In terms of allow/block/query) and it should not be a 'full feature' package (Should be standalone - not include AV/A-Spyware).

Ideally the firewall will have low system resource useage.

I have looked around google, with few reliable results. I'm looking for personal experiences and recommendations :)

Comments or queries are welcome, of course.

Thanks :rolleyes:

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The firewall built into Vista can do all that. But like the Linux equivalent, it's fucking confusing to get started.

Similarly, since it is the firewall built in to the OS by the people who made the OS, it is, in theory, going to give the best result when you look at some kind of scale that offers compatibility, stability, performance, features and reliability.

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