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Im not sure if this goes in this topic or 'security' but here is a list of tools i have installed.


Metasploit(with Nmap)


Portable Firefox(do not want to soil my main install with testing utilities)


Cain & Abel

Recuva(for file recovery)



WPEPro(i use this mostly for games and what not but there are tons of uses for this)

And a super tiny light weight key logger

No linux tools please.There are more than enough security distros out there to choose from. Backtrack ftw

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Nmap - "Network Mapper"

Procomm Plus - Terminal emulation.

Phone Tools - Turns my laptop into a answering machine but with lots of features.

GpsGate - GPS splitter, simulator and logger.

OmniPeek Enterprise - Network analyzers.

Airmagnet - Enterprise wireless network security and troubleshooting.

bcTool - Automated recording for unattended scanning and archival.

Adobe Audition 1.5 - Recording stuff for later use/decoding + tones.

Virtual Audio Cable - Used to feed audio into more than one app.

Wireless LAN Utility - Setting up an AP, using my wireless card and my phone.

Notepad++ - Knocking out code when needed.

Apache - Mostly use it for setting up login pages.

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