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in an unwinnable battle


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Ok heres the story. I am outside the US, so i use TOR to access Pandora.

It works fine with Firefox

Only problem is, the new 'Standalone' Pandora Jar detects that im outside the US.

So i resort to the older version (8.1) and use the batch file as i used to. It gets into Pandora Jar just fine....but its not ripping the songs. Then i remember i need to downgrade to firefox version .9 for it to work. Now the only problem with THAT is that even when i have TOR running, it detects im from outside the US.

Im going insane!

Anyone able to help me out? Cheers

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Yes, I just got this working and I live in Canada. It is saving songs and doing a decent job, but all the song titles are one off (because it "rips" before the song is saved and therefore is actually the previous song, not the current song. Not a big deal, I'm going to write a quick program to fix the names.)

First, you need firefox

next, you need to install the flash switcher (there is a link to it in the readme included in pandora's jar 8.1.1)

also need greasemonkey and to install the .js linked (there is a link to it in the readme included in pandora's jar 8.1.1)

now you need to download the Vidalia TOR bundle (TOR basically) you don't need the torbutton firefox plugin.

go to start->programs->Vidalia Bundle->TOR->Torrc and open up that text document with notepad or something similar. At the end of that file put this in to specify only the following US Hosts (you can update this list if you like) DO NOT INCLUDE THE UNDERSCORE DIVIDERS (Also, make sure there are no new lines within the list of exitnodes, the forum enforces new lines so that the page doesn't extend too wide.):


StrictExitNodes 1

ExitNodes nixnix,moria1,moria2,inap1,torxmission,augrime,err ,sasquatch,foundry,peertechdata,







You may still get the odd "You're in sweeden" or "france" or whatever, if you do simply open up your tor vidalia and choose new profile, or restart tor.

now you need FoxyProxy, set it up to use tor only for sites that contain *pandora.com* in the patterns section, then set the way it works to FoxyProxy: Patterns so that this is enforced.

You can have firefox 3 and firefox 2 installed on the same computer if you set up your profiles differently for each installation, google it.

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