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  1. To Dingleberries, your solution is great for US citizens, but it is as OhneHerren mentioned with the proxy extensions. I detail how to set it up using firefox extensions and a regular ff2 installation on my blog (http://www.mutedvision.net), but it isn't a portable solution. Awesome to see more global solutions and packages cropping up. Great that I could kick start your own package. Thanks for the cred and good work with the portable bundle! This works and is a very very good solution for the Pandora user abroad. I was worried when I originally made my instructions that nobody would bother going through them... It was a pretty daunting list and a bitch to figure out, I'm totally glad that you've adapted it into a portable solution because even with explicit to the letter instructions it would take a dedicated tech guy to follow the instructions at my blog anyway. Keep in mind the pandora renamer I linked in my blog can now be run in tandem with pandoras jar. Open it just before you open pandoras jar and keep it running the whole time until you close pandoras jar. It now runs periodically checking the folder it's running in every few seconds to see if a new file is there and then renames the file. Duplicates are handled much better now, before it would cause problems with naming because it had to do all the files at once. Now it will be fine because it moves the file immediately after it is played so duplicates are renamed correctly. There is a small probability that one song (the first one on reload) will not be correct, but it's pretty good now. *EDIT: It looks like your package even includes the correct version so you're in the clear :). It'll run the same as I detailed in my original instructions, but you can -also- just keep it open the whole time. So if you forget to open it for a few songs it's no big deal, just open it up and it'll do all the songs you did download already and then chug away on the new entries as they come. Two last points, When importing, beware. sometimes you get a 128 bps and sometimes a 64bps song, just make sure when you move to itunes or whatever you use that you don't replace a 128 bps song with a 64 bps one. And also if you want to vote something down wait until AFTER it has finished playing or you'll screw up the next song. Never skip songs.
  2. If you are using pandoras jar and the song names are off consistently I've just set up a tool to run along-side pandora's jar while pandora humms along in the background. http://www.m2tm.net/Programs/PandoraRenamer.exe read the instructions included. Basically run the file, enter the number of songs your pandora is set up for before reloading and it should be good. Then you'll also need another free app to fix the id3 tags after all is said and done, but a link to a free app is in the set of steps when the renamer runs. Let me know if this was useful for you please. I like knowing if it's worth my while making simple solutions like this available.
  3. I posted this in my other topic, but because I resolved the issue and this is really a separate topic I figured I'd make one for the throngs of people interested in setting this up from outside the states. http://mutedvision.net/blog/?p=39 Dig it if you do.
  4. Specific step-by-step for anybody who doesn't want to cobble together their own path from many different sources. http://mutedvision.net/blog/?p=39
  5. OKI DOKI. I got super impatient and came up with a working fix between a custom program I made and a free id3 tag batch editor: http://www.m2tm.net/Programs/PandoraRenamer.exe All instructions within that file, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING UNTIL YOU READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS OR IT WILL TOTALLY FUCK YOU UP THE BUTT. I am not kidding around here, it will rename all files within the directory it is located within (except for itself)
  6. Yes, I just got this working and I live in Canada. It is saving songs and doing a decent job, but all the song titles are one off (because it "rips" before the song is saved and therefore is actually the previous song, not the current song. Not a big deal, I'm going to write a quick program to fix the names.) First, you need firefox next, you need to install the flash switcher (there is a link to it in the readme included in pandora's jar 8.1.1) also need greasemonkey and to install the .js linked (there is a link to it in the readme included in pandora's jar 8.1.1) now you need to download the Vidalia TOR bundle (TOR basically) you don't need the torbutton firefox plugin. go to start->programs->Vidalia Bundle->TOR->Torrc and open up that text document with notepad or something similar. At the end of that file put this in to specify only the following US Hosts (you can update this list if you like) DO NOT INCLUDE THE UNDERSCORE DIVIDERS (Also, make sure there are no new lines within the list of exitnodes, the forum enforces new lines so that the page doesn't extend too wide.): ____________________________________________________ StrictExitNodes 1 ExitNodes nixnix,moria1,moria2,inap1,torxmission,augrime,err ,sasquatch,foundry,peertechdata, whistlersmother,BostonUCompSci,lefkada,agrippator,moria5,bettyboop,MrRelay, A1D7DB57EFA57ACA20,Butterfly,myrnaloy,jalopy,cjb,torftw,ArikaYumemiya,redpin, eapple,stugsDOTcom,MasterMindZ,random,AscendedDaniel,Trusno1,mushin, Unnamed,Insytez,pickaproxy,illuminata,anduin,NOYB,vwglobaltoadcom, codemonkeysorg,hyperfocusedTOR,WeAreAHedge ____________________________________________________ You may still get the odd "You're in sweeden" or "france" or whatever, if you do simply open up your tor vidalia and choose new profile, or restart tor. now you need FoxyProxy, set it up to use tor only for sites that contain *pandora.com* in the patterns section, then set the way it works to FoxyProxy: Patterns so that this is enforced. You can have firefox 3 and firefox 2 installed on the same computer if you set up your profiles differently for each installation, google it.
  7. I am running a proxy to connect to pandora correctly from Canada and it is all set up properly, but because of this proxy my connection isn't blazingly fast and pandora's jar keeps ripping songs prematurely. The first song is saved at around 10-11 kb (basically empty) because it isn't downloaded yet. The second song is the first song, the third song is the second song, the fourth song is the third song and so on. The song is ripped about 20 seconds into playing and really needs to be done after about halfway into the song, or ideally just after the song has finished and just as the next song is beginning so that there is no chance of it being the wrong file. Will the next version be able to do this or is there something I can set to make version 8.1.1 do this properly? Here is What I am Using: Firefox version Flash 8 FoxyProxy -> Set to use TOR only for pandora TOR -> Set to use only US proxys Pandora's Jar v 8.1.1 IN THE MEANWHILE: I can write a simple application to automagically go through a folder and based on the file's modified date rename all the files properly and to simply delete the first file. I can make this available for people if anyone else is having the same issues. Of course, once you correct the filenames you shouldn't run it a second time in that folder, so you'd have to move all your files out of the save folder after fixing the names.
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