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godaddy down?


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Does anyone here have a godaddy site? And if so, can you see it? Also, can anyone see godaddy.com? For whatever reason, I can not see it from my ISP (Comcast), no sites hsoted by GoDaddy, nor godaddy.com

I tried to access it by a proxy, and only got a mangled page, so I think maybe they are down for some reason, but wouldn't surprise me with their lax security on most of their servers PHP and MySql installations.

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Works for me. Might be a DNS issue? Try using OpenDNS' servers.

I am actually using Open DNS through my router by default, and could't access them. I also switched back to Comcast becasue I thought maybe it was OpenDNS(who sometimes has that issue with sites for some reason) and still could't access them from there either. Even from a proxy on a thrid party site, I only got broken pages partially loading, so I think it is a GoDaddy problem.

Did you try to go to godaddy.com? or just a site hosted by them? Maybe it is a certain leg of their servers that are down?

edit: Ok, godaddy.com is up now, but they were definately down earlier this afternoon. Maybe they rebooted something or were doing maintenence on their servers.

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