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DD-WRT Wireless VLAN


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Hi Guys, this question will probally be better suited on the DD-WRT forums but I figured someone here might know the answer. I have a Linksys WRT54G that I have flashed with the DD-WRT (Mini?) Firmware, it's working fine as a stand-a-lone access point however I want to setup mulitple wireless networks.

The reason behind this is I want to have one wireless network secured (like it is now) and I want the second to be tottally unsecured (prehaps simply MAC filtering) what I want to do on the second unsecured network is limit what people can do on it.

I have a wireless Phillips HiFi that supports streamium (UPnP) however as it was an early model it is fairly flaky with wireless security, the best setup I have found for it is to simply disable WPA/WEP Security.

What I would like to do is have my Private Wireless network left as it is, and then have the Public Wireless with no security, but only allow access to my Twonky Vision server (Running on SBS 2k3)

Does anyone know how to do this kind of setup on a DD-WRT? I did get to the stage where I could see two SSID's ATP-Private and ATP-Public, however I could never see both at the same time... either 1 or the other

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