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usb drive corruption


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While I was testing my miserable attempt at recreating the usb hacksaw with a batch file,

was stupid enough to unplug it without first killing the batch file.

Something happened to my usb drive.

Whenever I plug it in, my computer recognizes it (usb device view displays it and is shown in system tray).

However, no letter is assigned to it. So, I am left with a useless/unaccessible drive.

Fortunately, no important data was on it.

Any suggestions on fixing my usb drive? Brand=EasyDrive (obscure but relatively cheap).

Much appreciated.

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Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management > Right mouse click on drive in the list > Change drive letter and path > Add > Select Random Used Drive Letter > Done > ??? > Profit?

Worked perfectly! Thanks for you assistance.

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