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making NMap Gui using Java


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i am trying to make Nmap GUI using Java

i know how to make buttons and stuff i can execute commend but i have little problem with this

public class Nmap {
  public static void main(String arg[]) 
            Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start nmap -sS xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx");
      catch (Exception err) {

nmap does start but it closes really quick is there anyway to prevent it and make cmd.exe stay until user presses key?(if i can do this i will be done with this when i have spring break with some most used commends) :)

Please help  :-)

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There already is a GUI for nmap.

There is also a universal GUI for almost all command line apps called TheGUI.



but i am trying to make my own using Java


java would make this harder then a few others because it's programming in a VM vs programming with the 'real OS'

you might want to think of a different language

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i only know java for now :(

i will try to learn other lang


but if i could make bat file that keeps running till key is pressed and bat file does nmap + commend that came from java

if you get what i mean

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