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Collection of Production Tools for USB-devices


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COMES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES .. Remove all other USB-storage devices before running

Found this on a Chinese techgeek-board, it's a collection of

production-tools for USB-devices, mostly flash-drives .

File-names are a mess, partly because of the chinese characters used, partly because my rig doesn't

have support for Chinese language and some AV's might not like that .

here's the file-list :

··· AigoMiniKingMformat
··· aigo???85?????
··· ARK3143??????V1[1].3
··· AU6368 Low Level Format
··· AU6980-6982v6[1].13
··· CBM2090?2090E????V1[1].6.8.1???
··· chipsbank_CMB2080_v4[1].0
··· Fix Tools
··· flashdoctor
··· i5062-5060????????_v220_for_win98
··· i5068??U?????V3[1].11
··· iCreate5122??U???????V1[1].06
··· iCreate 5062LQ ??U?????
··· iCreate i5062??U??????????V3[1].27
··· iCreate PDx16 V1[1].14B3
··· mmcmedic
··· MP2202??U???????V1[1].032
··· MpTool0710
··· NC1116??U?????
··· NC1119??U???????
··· OTI6808 TOOL_V1[1].30
··· PDx16V1p18
··· phison2143-2134????
··· phison UP8-R Format
··· SKY6201U???????
··· skymedi_kingmax????
··· SM32x_E0824????
··· TRVMPION T3551?U?????
··· Ut161
··· UT163
··· UT163-setup-v3[1].7.1.0
··· U?OTI2168??????1
··· V1[1].3.3 AP&DRIVERS
··· ??Fix Tools
··· ??U?????6[1].15.00
··· ??????????V6.18

I've tested the ones that are for hardware I have and they work .

Some of these tools install custom USB-drivers that ONLY work with the supported hardware .

If you are having problems working with the files try copying them to the desktop .

What you can do with this :

If a tool for the controller-chip your drive uses is in the collection you will, in most cases,

have complete control over your hardware.

You can change the removable media bit so your drive is recognised by windows as a fixed drive .

That allows you to have multiple partitions, mountable on ALL windows-machines and allows to format

the device to NTFS with the Windows format-tool .

You can also control your devices security-functions etc etc .

For controllers that support "autorun function" ( a CD-ROM device like u3 has) the tool allows you to either remove the CD-device entirely OR use your own custom CD-image .

Note that the collection does not seem to contain the sandisk U3-production-tool :(


COMES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES .. Remove all other USB-storage devices before running


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the Russian site flashboot.ru has a large up-to-date collection of production-tools :

No registration is required to download :)

They also have a data-base of 670+ flash-drives with info on the MPT to use :

PS : I'm archiving the tools, just in case the site goes off-line someday ..

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Got a 4GB (1GB CDROM and 3GB free) USB drive from BigFix. Chip Genius 3.0 says:


Device Name: ++[F:][G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(CBM USB 2.0 USB Device)(CBM USB 2.0 USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1221 PID = 3234

Serial Number: 2009041105120000

Revision: 2.20/2.21

Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1)

Chip Vendor: micov

Chip Part-Number: MXT8208

Product Vendor: (N/A)

Product Model: (N/A)

Tools on Web: http://bbs.mydigit.cn/read.php?tid=72332


Almost every combo for 1221/3234 in iFlash says Ameco_MW8209_6208E_1.1.1.5_20091015.rar.

I downloaded that file from http://www.fenqu.com/Specially/Production/111XKLQH009.html.

I opened the RAR and doubleclicked on the UdTools.exe file to execute bring up the application with the title 8209/6208E Tools(Version

I've tried this for every manual selected 4GB type there was, but I can't seem to get it to work. In the application I've done:

- In the Manuf Setting tab, change the Product Information section to the info above (VID/PID/serial#)

- In the Manuf Setting tab, change the Flash Setting information to select Manual and select (different versions) of 4 GB drive types.

- Click Apply

- Switch to the Manuf Progress Tab

- Nothing happens when I click Start All button

Can anyone offer any assistance? Did I miss a step? Did I download the wrong program?



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Had the same problem with my current SysAdmin at school. Except we had Windows XP computers, all routing to a ntwork logon domain. And we deep freeze and the lot. So I told the principal they could care less. I then found that there backup was hosted on the network and could be access by ANYONE. I got the Student information list. And put it on everyones desktop, then 're-froze' it.

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