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Dumping Router Firmware..?


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So i was playing around with my router the other night, and telnet'd into it.  It seemed to have a linux based file system, i found a couple interesting files.  One was called Hosts, in the /etc/

Is this the same as the Hosts file in windows (hehe time for some redirecting)?  If so is there anyway i can edit this file, all i get is 'access denied' messages.  I also found a index.html file, i also get access denied messages when trying to edit this file, However i would very much like to be able to edit these very interesting files,  is there anyway i can just dump all the firmware onto my compy?  Or just edit the files via telnet?

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I think i am, there is no su/sudo.

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whoami results in 'admin'

if it doesn't say root then search for a privilege exploit for linux they should still work becasue routers tend to not update for exploits

Know where i can find / how implement one?

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Its this piece of shit:

Model #GT701


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