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ubuntu and my system dont want to be friends


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Ok this is a long story so ill start with the question, in ep2 of hak5 Harrison installs os x straight from a disk image.  Could this be done with a linux iso? and if so how?

Here's the story (its not very interesting) i got a new comp after a struggle a got kubuntu onto it, but kde broke when i tried to upgrade to 7. 10.  During the time I first tried to get linux onto this machine i also installed ubuntu 7. 07 which is what i am currently using but wish to upgrade to 7. 10 with kde 4.  however whilst installing compiz fusion apt got fucked. 

the thing is ubuntu + core 2 duo + certian motherboards results in the install cd not working

now let me clarify "not working" the cd is not corrupt and i have tried both graphical and text based installs

So basically could i put the iso on a partition of the hard drive and boot from it?

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install the latest version of ubuntu get it working then in the command line run this command on one line

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade && sudo aptitude install kde-desktop

restart and from the login screen go

options then select kde as the environment

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