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autorun.inf Not Starting...


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I flashed a simple autorun.inf to the CD partition using the Universal Customizer...

However, when I insert the flash drive, it doesn't start. The only thing that happens is that the removable disk window pops open.

The code:



The start.bat is also on the CD partition, as well as the flash partition, for testing purposes.

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I've been having the same problem running my keylogger from my micro cruzer. Here are some steps that may help.

1. In Universal Customizer: Put the auto run and the program it runs into the custom iso folder.

2. Run iso create.

3. Run Universal customizer.

4. After the Universal Customizer is done, make sure the thumbdrive is safe to remove, remove, then re-connect the thumb drive.

The problem I have is the keylogger does not have enough room to create the log file on the cd partition, and I don't know how to recode the logger so it creates the log on my thumb drive instead of the cd partition. Maybe someone could take a look at the code? I'll post it if someone asks.

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