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Your info and Google


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We all know that Google stores information about you and tries to track where you go on the web. What are your views of Google storing your information?

Personaly, i'm happy for google to store my info if it benifites me in some way (i.e. I can access my email any where that has an internet connection and a computer with a working web browser) and if they are not going to give it away to any one who asks. (Rember the court order agenst Google to give the US goverment information about it's users?).

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Well considering a huge amount of other sites are tracking our usage for their own evil uses without us knowing it, I really have no problem at all with Google tracking me, it's not like they have a name/address to go with all my search terms etc. Sure they could go through my ISP and ask about my IP, but they would need some legal grounds for my ISP to hand over personal information.

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