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English Dictionary Word List


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Hello there,

Can anyone send me the plain text file of English dictionary word list, please?

I meant "word list" means without any thesaurus or meaning. I just want whole english dictionary's words in text file.

My purpose is to break on hash file using dictionary attack.

Hash file is: d8c09258a25e37a9a4b75402641b7210

Can anyone please help me to send requested text file?



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Not that anyone here has a whole dictionary of jsut the words themselves, but there are plenty of them online. Have you tried google? www.milw0rm.com has a few wordlists on their site as well including names and uncommon combinations.(havent looked on their in a while though, so check google first).


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Many thanks Digip,

I have downloaded many files from your given links.

Rightnow its under process of cracking hash file.

Lets see, how long does it take to crack it. Hopefull i will get result by tomorrow and if not then i have to find some more sources.

thanks again,


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Better off submitting it to something like Plain-text's website and checking to see if it ever gets found. They have an online database to seach hashes and if it is already know, you won;t have to waste your time lookign for it.

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If you want to crack hashes use rainbowtables they are a lot (LOT) faster then a dictionary attack, and much more effective.  I recommend ophcrack >> http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/  with the 733Mb table, will crack just about any password under 8 chrs in under 5 mins, instead of 2 days (i am assuming they are LM hashes?).

But if you really just want some wordlists PM me or hit me up on aim (sablefoxx121), i got a couple good ones.

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See ftp://ftp.openwall.com/pub/wordlists for Openwall's free word lists and http://www.openwall.com/wordlists for slightly better, but not free, word lists (read the page to find out how they're better).  Openwall is also home of John the Ripper, popa3d (a simple POP3 daemon), and Openwall Linux (a security-oriented Linux w/a 2.4 kernel).

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Hello Angel,

I tried many MD5 rainbow table which i generated by myself coz i cant afford to buy some from online. lol

The rainbow tables which i have generated were as below:











It took me 11 hours to generate these tables but i am disappointed because none of any one helped me.  :sad:

Any helps guysssss.......please?   

G. :-(

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"Buy"a copy of this software (you will need some good hardware to make it effective):


or hack the Gibson and use that.


Just saw a cool artical on digg about cracking passwords with a PS3 (the downside being you'd have to buy a PS3):


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Thanks for everyone whoever posted me with some sense,

After spending my 5 days after rainbow tables, cannot crack given hash.

I came to know from my professor that there isnt anything in that hash to crack. So besically, he made whole classroom fool but it was good practice for me as i learn a lot about hash in these days. Next session i am going to learn about 128 bits encryption crack or you may say SSL cracking. Will let you know if i have any extraordinary stuff to share.

Many thanks to all of you,


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