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Usb hacks on cd?


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Not sure if i posted this in the right forum. Is it possible to program a autorun cd to do something like a usb hack does?.

Lets say you program a cd to copy and run the files from a hacksaw/u3 usb hack and then have the content emailied too you.

like on the Gozor Payload but on a cd instead.

A cd is much cheaper then a u3 drive easier to hide people are used to looking at cds more then usb drives i dont think they would think that such a program would be on a cd.

Also if a av detects it ,it cant delete the contents of the cd.

I have made a auro run cd that make a pc shut down each time it logs on using a autorun and batch scripting.

If this is possible how could i do this? What sort of payload would i need and what alterations would be needed for it to do the above on a cd instead of usb drive?.

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I think you can do that, but you can't write the cd after the burning so you can't write to the cd information like the Gonzor payload do.

and the scrip, well every time someone log to the computer its not reading the disc in the cd but you can copy a file from the cd to the HDD in some system file and add that to the statup list of the computer and then its should work.

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if you set it up so ALL logs were emailed to you...yeah, you could run a payload from a CD, but using it on systems without internet access wouldn't work.

Any idea how i could set it up to do that on a cd?

could you just burn the iso to a cd that is stored in the bin folder? or would y ou have to reconfigure the files inside the iso?

I would imagine they are programed to save the data on the usb partition.

I guess the smart thing to do would be email the creator of the payload.

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Take the usb switch blade and combine it with the hacksaw code, just make it so the hacksaw compresses / emails the log files instead of the contents of usb drives.  Most of the code is already out there you just need to do a little modding and copy / paste.

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Can someone tell me if this payload would work on cd. I programed a go.bat instead of go.vbs

go.bat calles the other go.bat inside the system folder which in turn launches the other apps inside the system folder.

Not quite worked out how to configure it to email the logged data instead of whats inserted via usb.

Here is the payload http://www.verticalsmile.co.uk/U3CUSTOM.rar

The send file seems to copy all items in /docs so i guess that would email you the logged files.

As i said i only know the basics enough to get around by working on theory.

In theory this payload should work on cd. I only added 1 line of code.

Note sure how i could configure my email address and password either for file sending.

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